2018 Viking Opener Info

Viking Opener Race Schedule
• 8:20 Coach Meeting
• 8:35 Frosh Boys (5 Runner Limit)
• 9:00 Soph Boys (5 Runner Limit)
• 9:20 Frosh/Soph Girls (5 Runner Limit)
• 9:40 Alumni/Coaches Race
• 10:05 Junior Boys (5 Runner Limit)
• 10:35 Junior/Senior Girls (5 Runner Limit)
• 10:55 Open Girls (unlimited)
• 11:20 Senior Boys (5 Runner Limit)
• 11:45 Open Boys (Unlimited)
• 12:15 Awards Ceremony

Viking Opener Instructions – 2018


Parking Information – PLEASE READ:

1) The 2017 Viking Opener caused an unusual variety of parking problems for the Spring Lake Regional Park staff and local neighborhoods. Spectators were unusually rude and uncooperative with staff which resulted in us nearly getting kicked out of the park for this 34-year and counting meet. Please strongly advise your coaching staff, athletes, parents and spectators to exercise common courtesy and remind them they are REQUIRED to pay the $7 parking fee regardless of status (unless they own a local regional parks pass).

2) With the removal of the Saturday junior high races due to newly enforced NCS/CIF rules, we are hoping this will help reduce some of the parking strain. However, if you are a local team familiar with the park, we request you consider parking at the Violetti Spring Lake entrance, the Channel Drive parking lot, Howarth Park, Slater Middle School or potentially Faith Lutheran Church (after finalizing permitting) outside the Newanga entrance if you can. If you are a traveling team, please consider carpooling as much as possible.

3) There are two entrances into Spring Lake park. The Newanga park entrance is reserved for team buses, coaches with a large amount of equipment and carpools of athletes numbering (6) or more. We often have long traffic lines backed up for a half a mile or more, so please plan to arrive early and DO NOT use the Newanga entrance as a single athlete drop-off site. Local teams, smaller carpools and spectators are again requested to park at the Violetti park entrance. The park has credit card kiosks at each entrance to process parking fees and issue parking permits. Please DO NOT turn left at the Newanga entrance to attempt to park at the boat ramp. The boat ramp is only reserved for park users with boats and Montgomery XC staff and volunteers.

4) If you are conducting a single athlete drop-off, DO NOT USE the Newanga entrance. Single athlete drop-offs can only be conducted at the Howarth Park entrance or at the bottom of the dam on Montgomery Drive. Athletes will then need to walk a half a mile into the park from either drop-off site. Please plan accordingly.

Some last minute race day reminders:

1) Have each athlete verify all bib information is correct.

2) If corrections to athlete information are necessary, please visit the Montgomery tent and speak with the race director.

3) If you find another school’s bib in your bundle, please return it to the registration table. If you are missing one of your bibs, please see the registration table.

Race Rules

1) Athletes may not race “up” or “down” a division. (Ex. – no Sophomores in a Junior Race, no Seniors in a Junior Race).

2) Teams are limited to 5 runners in each age division race. Three runners score, 4th and 5th runners displace. Open races are unlimited. You MUST field grade level races before you field Open race teams. Failure to comply will result in team DQ.

3) Singlets must be tucked in prior to the race start and remain on until exiting the finish chute.

4) Athletes must report to the starting line 10 minutes prior to race start. Coaches, parents and other athletes are to be away from the starting line 5 minutes prior to the start of each race so we can get an accurate count of entries.

5) Results will be posted as soon as possible after each race between the trees next to the bike path. There will be a 15-minute protest period beginning from the time of posting before the results become final. If you dispute a placing, you must A) reach a resolution between yourself and the coach of the other team(s) involved, and B) present the resolution (with all coaches present) to the official at the registration table.


1) There will be concessions available at the event and the custom tee shirt vendor will be on site. First aid will be located at the concession booth.

2) Please respect our park by removing your trash before you leave. A trash bag is provided with your coach packet.

Good luck and have a great race!

The Montgomery Cross Country staff