Big changes for 2016 NCS XC Divisions

New Divisions for 2016 here

Every CA section decides it’s own school size for what division a school is in.
In the past, as in 2015, the North Coast Section had lower numbers for division sizes to try and have more equal number of schools in each division but this also meant that NCS schools had to run at state against schools from other sections that were much larger than they were.

Bolded schools moved down a division.

DIVISION I was changed to schools at or above 2,639 students.
In 2015 18 schools competed in DIVISION I including Santa Rosa HS.
In 2016 there will be a maximum of 8 with Santa Rosa being one of the schools moving down.

DIVISION II will now be 1,850– 2,638 students.
Santa Rosa at 2040 students will be our only local team in Division II now. Maria Carrillo, the 2015 Boys DII champs will be moving down, along with Montgomery, Ukiah, Casa Grande and Windsor.

DIVISION III – 1,274 – 1,849
In 2016 local schools will be Windsor 1805, Casa Grande 1725, Ukiah 1722, Montgomery 1613, Maria Carrillo 1601, Rancho Cotate 1483, Petaluma 1382 and Sonoma Valley 1293.
Analy and Piner will drop down to Division IV.

DIVISION IV – 601 – 1,273
In 2016 local schools will be Analy 1273, Piner 1243, Elsie Allen 1093, Lower Lake 739, Healdsburg 630 and Cardinal Newman 607.
Piner should be a strong team in this division with Newman missing Division V by just 7 students.

In 2016 local schools will be El Molino, 587, Kelsyville 525, Fort Bragg 521, St Helena 475, Middletown 467, Roseland UP 459, Willits 449, Clear Lake 397, Cloverdale 380, Technology 341, St Vincent 288, Sonoma Academy 284, Upper Lake 262, Calistoga 226, Mendocino 193, RVC 165.
The NCS division V which was already a very strong and tough division compared to other sections Division V will now be even better.