Can Spring Lake handle a super league?

One idea for next years xc league setup is to have all 12 schools from NBL/SCL in one big league.
There are pros and cons to this but I’m wondering about the Spring Lake starting line and how big a single race can be.
I looked at how many kids finished the 2016 races for the two league finals, minus 3 teams leaving, and if that was true in 2018 it would mean 174 boys in NBL Finals JV race.
In comparison if you saw last years NBL finals races there were 143 JV boys.

Here are the numbers from the two 2016 Finals, minus Casa Grande, Petaluma & Sonoma Valley


NBL   45 42 126  63

SCL   25 16  48  32

Total 70 58 174  95
143 finishers from this 2016 NBL race.