Francena Murphy: good to great?

Every track season it’s so fun to see the new freshman come in and make a grand entrance.
Not so common on the girls side is to see a junior or senior make some huge improvement and go from good to great.
We may get to see that this year with Maria Carrillo’s Francena Murphy
Last year, her first doing track, Murphy was pretty good making our honorable mention group.
Prior to that, she was pretty much pouring all of her athletic endeavors into school and Club Volleyball.

See below for her 2019 best
Francena Murphy, 10, Maria Carrillo

By Michael Lucid

200 27.09 +0.2 9th fastest Empire mark in 2019
100 13.03 +1.6, 12.94+

In the 2019 NBL finals she had good showings taking 6th in the 100 and 200 (13.03 +2.3, 27.21 +1.5). And at the NCS Redwood meet she was again good, but not good enough to make it on to Meet of Champions (8th 13.03 +1.6, 12th 27.09 +0.2).

This year holds the promise of something way better.
At the Feb. 8th All Comers meet she came alive in our sport destroying her 200 best blazing 26.56 -2.2, =30th wind legal All-Time and a quick 60 meters in 8.05.
Carrillo coach Greg Fogg gives credit to the fact that for the past 10-12 weeks she has been working with Herbie Polk as part of Barracuda Speed Academy.
Only time will tell but it’s fair to think she may do better than honorable mention this year.