Greater explanation of these rankings

There are a multitude of ways you could do rankings for what was the best year for an event or the best season for the area and so on.
Some ways have a lot of subjectivity to them.
In these rankings I am using only athletes top marks.
The chart below shows the marks I used as the cut-off, roughly what it takes to make the All-Time top 50 lists in each event.
For the best years for each event list I have added end of the year championships won but that is just for fun and does not change the order of rankings.
For that I attempted to mention kids on the list that were league champs, 1-2 at NCS Redwood, 1st 1A, top 5 NCS MOC and top 8 at state.
Rank goes by which year had the highest number of kids making the list, ties go to the one with the best mark in the last spot.
I picked marks around the top 50 performers ever but if you changed those marks up or down many of the ranking orders would change as well but I felt is was as good as any to base it off of.
I did my best to try and find a photo that captured one big moment for each event, thanks to Michael Lucid for his marvelous collection.
If you have a photo for times I’m missing I’d love to add them,
Hope this takes some of the mystery out of what I did.

Event standard
These marks are roughly what it takes to make the All-Time top 50
        FAT   Hand Yards
100	11.14 10.9 9.9y
200	22.34 22.1 22.2y 
400	50.14 49.9 50.2y
800	1:57.24 1:57.0 1:57.8y
1600	4:22.00 4:21.7 4:23.3y
3200	9:35.00 9:34.9 9:38.1y
110HH	15.19 14.9 14.9y
300IH	40.59 40.3, 40.0-330LH, 39.8-300LH, 20.5 180LH
400R	43.84 43.6 43.8y
1600R	3:26.34 3:26.1 3:27.3y
HJ	6' 4"
PV	13' 6"
LJ	22'
TJ	44' 3"
SP	52'
DT	159'

        FAT   Hand Yards
100	12.64 12.4 11.3y
200	26.24 26.0 26.1y 
400	59.44 59.2 59.5y
800	2:20.14 2:19.9 2:20.7y
1600	5:11.14 5:10.9 5:12.7y
3200	11:19.99 11:19.7 11:23.7y
110HH	16.44 16.2 ?15.9LH 80y
300IH	47.99 47.7 47.9y
400R	50.44 50.2 50.5y
1600R	4:08.24 4:08.0 4:09.4y
HJ	5' 2"
PV	9' 4"
LJ	17'
TJ	34' 6"
SP	36' 4k, 39-6 8LB
DT	115'