Kassidy Sani signs with UC Irvine

El Molino star Kassidy Sani signed today (3/3/2020) to throw for UC Irvine next season.
Sani who is entering her final high school season is the top returning discus thrower in the Redwood Empire.
As a junior she was 17th at state and moved to 7th All-Time with a 132-6 PR. You will can see her throw Saturday at the Big Cat at Santa Rosa High.
All photos but the last one are by Michael Lucid

2019 stats that made her a First Team All-Empire
Kassidy Sani, 11, El Molino

By Michael Lucid

17th STATE 127-1
1st Chico 132-6
1st NCS Redwood 127-3
1st NCTE 117-0
2nd NCS MOC 130-0
2nd NBL 115-6
3rd West Valley 122-0
3rd SR Twilight 104-0
132-6 1st 2019, 7th All-Time, 4th Junior AT
Shot Put
1st NBL 36-1.5
3rd NCS Redwood 35-11
7th NCS MOC 35-7.75
36-1.5 4th 2019, =48th All-Time
Triple Jump
5th NBL 31-5