NCS 1A: This is why they have At-Large times

You know the NCS 1A, that’s for the kids from the little non-important schools right.
Not if you’re a girl’s distance runner.
Thankfully the state has established At-Large times so if some meet is simply loaded with talent some deserving kid doesn’t miss moving on.
The 1600 and 3200 are two perfect examples of this.
The 1A only qualifies three on to the MOC meet. And then at MOC only three go to State.
If only three from the 1A qualified on you would have girls who could be in the hunt for the tops spots in the state not even get out of their regional qualifier.

In the 1600 these five girls are entered with their league finals time listed first.
This race could easily produce all five under 5 minutes and two would be done for the year.
But the At-Large time for this event is 5:04.76 meaning no matter what place they get as long as they are faster than that they move on to the next meet.
Rylee is looking very sharp right now but for Kate this takes a huge pressure off her knowing all she needs to do is run under 5:04.76.

4:58.13 Rylee Bowen, 11, Sonoma Academy, pr 4:43.92,
4:59.68 Kate Bowen, 9, Sonoma Academy
5:02.56 Grace Dailey, 11, Branson
5:02.69 Callie Jones, 10, Branson
5:07.02 Kiera Marshall, 12, St. Joseph, pr 5:02.57

The 3200 is no different.
In this case I have listed the girls PR’s

10:13.20 Rylee Bowen, 11, Sonoma Academy
10:41.54 Kiera Marshall, 12, St. Joseph
10:52.87 Emily Perez, 10, St Joseph
10:55.34 Kate Bowen, 9, Sonoma Academy
The At-Large time here is 11:03.52.