New and improved Redwood Empire Running

Back in May I put out this request.
Is this site worth keeping?
A number of you said YES and felt it was worth financially supporting this site with a one time donation so that when my hosting contract ended in December the site would not end.
I also received many words of encouragement about how much this site means to the local running world.
With the donations I was able to move the site to a higher level.
You now should have less problems with site being slow loading when hundreds of people are all trying to view the site at the same time.
There were times when I had trouble uploading new stuff for this same reason.
It’s humbling to think how popular this site has become.
With the new changes I can now post higher quality photos, before I was limited to 2MB per photo.
And best of all I signed up for another 10 years of hosting.
I’m still hoping those who have not had the opportunity yet to help support my time keeping this up here is where you can do that, but as far as I know I won’t have to ask for any support for the nuts and bolts of this thing until the year 2028.
Again I just want to thank everyone for the recent support.

Should have All-Empire posted as soon as I track down a few more photos of the 200 or so tracksters that I hope to honor.
Looking forward to the 2018/2019 seasons and adding the new Vine Valley Athletic League into the family.
Jim Crowhurst
Big Cat me