Norcal Cross Country Regional Championships – CCCAA 2018

Complete Results

At Shasta College women race 3.1 and men ran 4.1

Men’s Results
SRJC individuals:

1st- Johnny Vargas- 21:13 NorCal champ and state individual qualifier
29th- Patrick Lynch- 22:13 state individual qualifier
56th- Taylor Ingram- 23:27
72nd- Andrew Magdenalo- 24:08
73rd- Johnathan Chi- 24:10
77th- Brian Padilla- 24:23
84th- Adel Araya- 25:07

State Qualifying teams:

1st- American River- 55pts
2nd- Hartnell- 99pts
3rd- Sequioas- 102pts
4th- Clovis- 123pts
5th- Chabot- 130pts
6th- Modesto- 176pts
7th- DVC – 178pts

8th- Santa Rosa- 208 *did not qualify for state

Women results:

State Qualifying teams:

1st – Hartnell – 19pts
2nd- Santa Rosa – 99pts
3rd- Sierra – 101pts
4th- De Anza – 123pts
5th- Clovis – 135pts
6th- American River – 148pts
7th- Sacramento City – 184pts

SRJC individuals

7th – Ana Palafox- 20:16
18th- Evelin Ramirez- 21:22
19th- Jackie Ramirez- 21:29
43rd- Marisa Mcgettigan- 23:28
44th- Miranda Huntsinger- 23:30
48th- Dana Johnson- 23:54