Nothing lasts anymore

My laptop is nearly 3 years old and is starting to fail on me.
The screen flickers from normal to black or grayish streaks so it looks to me like it won’t last much longer.
I take it with me to my work so on every break and lunch I get, I do what updates I can on this web site before I get home in the evening and do more.
I have gotten wonderful financial support from all of you that enjoy this site at the end of each season but if a few of you would consider helping out now it would help me to get a new laptop.
If you’re in a position to help at this time here are two ways you can do that.
How to donate
Usually we get to enjoy three conference championships at the end of the year but this year I am really looking forward to the excitement of four.
I think I will get to attend the NOV. 10th NBL/Oak Championship Meet at Ukiah this year. Hope to see some of you then.