Pole Vault Relay

Just added this blurb to the History of boys Redwood Empire Pole Vault.

If your scared of heights than the Pole Vault Relay is not for you.
How does that work? No they don’t hand off a baton or anything, it’s just special meets that add up the heights of three vaulters from the same school.
The first Redwood Empire record for this was a meet back in 1966 where a Montgomery trio combined for a height of 34-2¼.
That record held until 1973 when Analy soared to 34-6.
El Molino became the record holder in 1980 with 35-0, an average of 11-8.
In 2003 there was a meet grouped by 2’s, which I would not count except Montgomery had two groups.
There total for three was 40-3, average 13-5.
Montgomery vaulters in that meet were Juniors Matt (14-9) & Mike (14-0) Tillinghast who won at 28-9 with Sophomores Marty Field (11-6) & Taus Sturgis (10-0) also competing.