Rylee Bowen 4:55.42 indoor mile

Rylee Bowen finished third in the women’s mile at the University of Washington Indoor Open today 2/14/16.
Her mile time of 4:55.42 is equal to 1600m at 4:53.71. Most of the runners were from college.
This was her fifth fastest time ever and her fastest indoors.

Rylee won the CA State Indoor mile last year in 5:03.48.

Rylee’s 4:55.42 mile is a pace of 4:35.35 for 1500m.
This years CA State Winter meet, run outdoors, was won in 4:36.08.

Video of race


Indoor Mile
4:46.39 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1997 at National Scholastic, Syracuse, N.Y., 11th fastest ever.
4:53.98 Sara Bei, Montgomery 1999 at National Scholastic, Boston
4:54.19 Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 2/23/02 at LA Indoor
4:55.42 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2/14/16 at Washington Indoor Open

Only the three above her indoors and Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande outdoors have ever run this fast.