Santa Rosa Throwers and Vaulters Jamboree entrie info

The Santa Rosa Throwers and Vaulters Jamboree
Includes all six field events this year

The 5th Annual Santa Rosa Throwers/Vaulters Jamboree and this year is added the High Jump will be conducted at Santa Rosa High School at historic Nevers Field.
Address: Santa Rosa High School, 1235 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. The track is accessible from Ridgway Ave south of the school.

Date: Saturday March 17, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM. All events begin competition will begin at 10.

Fee: $5 per athlete. Make checks available to PAC. That stands for Panther Athletic Club.

Divisions: Throws Varsity Boys and Girls, Frosh Soph Boys and Girls, JV Boys and Girls
Pole Vault: Girls and Boys. Opening heights are 6’ for girls and 7’ for boys.

High Jump: Boys and Girls: Opening heights are 4’6” for boys and 3’6” for girls

Long and Triple Jumps: Varsity Boys and Girls, Frosh Soph Boys and Girls

Awards: Custom medals for first, second, and third for each division.

Registration: Entries due by Wednesday midnight March 14, 2018. Email request for entrie form to
Late entries on Meet day can happen:

Mechanics: Varsity Shot and Disc. 3 attempts with the top 8 will advance to finals for an additional three throws. All other divisions 4 attempts. All throws will be measured. No minimum standard.

Weigh In for throwing implements at 8 AM. Warmup for throws at 9:30 AM

Long and Triple Jump divisions will be FSG, FSB, VB, VG. Each competitor will have 4 attempts.

Results will be posted on the snack bar.
There will be a snack bar available for the meet.

2017 Throwers/Vaulters /Long and Triple/Jamboree
Order of Events
10:00 AM Girls Pole Vault Starting at 6’ Followed by Boys starting at 7’0”
Shot Put Ring 1 Varsity Girls
Followed by Frosh Soph Boys, Varsity Boys
Shot Put Ring 2 Frosh Soph Girls
Followed by JV Boys, JV Girls
Discus: Ring 1 Varsity Boys followed by Varsity Girls, Frosh Soph Boys
Discus Ring 2 JV Girls followed by Frosh Soph Girls, JV Boys

High Jump: Boys followed by Girls
Opening heights: Boys: 4’6” Girls 3’6”
10:00 AM
Long Jump 4 Attempts
North Pit: Varsity Boys followed by FS Boys
South Pit: Varsity Girls followed by FS Girls
10 minute break after Long Jump followed by
Triple Jump 4 Attempts
Varsity Boys followed by FS Boys
Varsity Girls followed by FS Girls