State Meet Video’s

1970 Movie of 1970 State Meet; DeDora at 14:30 spot
Joe DeDora, Santa Rosa 5th 440y 48.7

Sherri Minkler, Analy 4th 3200m 10:37.78, video blue outfit

Marc Spina, Montgomery 5th 800m 1:52.36, Spina lane 2 red shorts
Wendi Simmons, Santa Rosa 5th 300m LH 43.55, Lane 7
Mike Koellsted, Calistoga 7th 110mHH 14.77, Lane 1
Wendi Simmons, Santa Rosa 8th 400m 57.15 trials
Videos of all three running finals races

Wendi Simmons, Santa Rosa 7th 300m LH 43.27 Slow loading video of race, Simmons lane 8

Sharon Polley, El Molino 6th 100m LH 14.55 Slow loading video of race, Polley lane 2

Dan Held, Santa Rosa 8th 800m 1:54.26 Slow loading video of race

Dan Held, Santa Rosa 2nd 800m 1:51.86 Slow loading video of race

Julia Stamps, Rincon Valley JH 1st 3200m 10:26.51 Video: Stamps only visible first 500m, lane 1

Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1st 3,200m 10:15.27, video (Sorry, it ends about 500m from the finish)

Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 2nd 3,200m 10:15.13, video of race

Sara Bei, Montgomery 1st 1,600m 4:49.21, video of race
Sara Bei, Montgomery 1st 3,200m 10:31.06, video of race
Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 3rd 3,200m 10:33.75, video of race
Dirkje Dunham, Analy 6th 800m 2:13.58, video of race
Ryan Mack, Ukiah 8th 1600m 4:17.36, video of race

Luis Luna, Piner 6th 3200 8:55.43, VIDEO of race

Luis Luna, Piner 5th 3200 9:08.82, VIDEO of race

Kathleen Durand, Maria Carrillo 4th DT 144-3, Video of throw

Dante Hay, Maria Carrillo 7th 800 1:52.36 video of race

Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4th 1600 4:53.92, video of race
Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 6th 100 11.87 +1.1, video of race
Maria Carrillo Boys 6th 1600 Relay 3:17.65, video of race
Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 8th 200 24.95 +3.3, video of race

Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 3rd 400m 54.07, Empire Record, video of trials heat 3
Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 6th 200m 24.18 +0.3, video of trials heat 2

Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg 5th 3200m 10:23.85, video of race
Harper McClain, St Helena 7th 3200m 10:29.68, video of race