State Preview

100th Annual CIF STATE HIGH SCHOOL TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held at Veterans Memorial Stadium, Clovis Unified School District, located near the Buchanan High School campus.

Athletes/Coaches’ Gate Opens Fri. 12:00 P.M./ Sat. 2:00 P.M.
Stadium Gates Open Fri. 2:00 P.M./ Sat. 3:30 P.M.
Field Event Qualifying Fri. 3:00 P.M./ Sat. 4:30 P.M.
Running Event Fri. 5:00 P.M./ Sat. 6:00 P.M.

3:00 p.m Girls Long Jump
Our first competitor will be Maria Carrillo sophomore Sarah Aanenson.
She is seeded 28th from her 17-7.25 qualifier. Her best is 17-9.75 into a -1.1 head wind back on 4/29 at the Sac MOC meet.
The top seed is Alysah Hickey Coronado 19-10.5.
Our last state meet competitor in this event was Caroline Templeton, Santa Rosa 16th 17-8.25 2004.
Rancho Cotate’s Amey Mitchell placed 2nd 19-3¾ in 1990 and 5th 18-5¼ 1989.

5:32 p.m. Girls 1600m
This has been a show case event for our area with three girls having won before.
1st Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 4:44.78 1997
1st Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:49.21 1998
1st Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 4:49.63 2000
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:46.71 1999
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:49.98 2000
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:47.96 2001
2nd Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 4:55.94 2002
2nd Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 4:49.63 2008
4th Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 4:50.70 2009
4th Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4:50.40 2016
4th Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4:53.92 2017
5th Laurie Hollingworth, Piner 4:54.27 1981
5th Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 4:56.41 2010
7th Laurie Hollingworth, Piner 4:55.65 1982

This year we have two strong entries.
Healdsburg junior Gabrielle Peterson is the 8th seed after winning at sections with a runaway performance of 4:48.91 last Saturday.
Sonoma Academy senior Rylee Bowen is making her fourth appearance in this event having placed 11th 4:55.60 2015, 4th 4:50.40 2016 and 4th again last year in 4:53.92.
This year she is seeded 19th after her season best 4:55.94.
The top seed is Olivia O’Keeffe of Davis 4:42.71.

6:00 p.m Boys Pole Vault
Maria Carrillo junior Cooper Plattus soared to new heights last Saturday with his 14-9 clearance which has him seeded 13th.
Our last state meet competitor in this event was Andy Kotval, Windsor 19th 14-6 2013.
The top seed is Sondre Guttormsen, Davis 17-7

Empire History
1st Eric Richardson, Ukiah 11-6 1918
2nd Kaname Ono, Analy 1936
2nd Kaname Ono, Analy 12-6 1937
2nd Bob Foster, Analy 12-9 1951
3rd Dave Miller, Santa Rosa 11-6 1948
4th Eric Richardson, Ukiah 1920
6th John Gash, Santa Rosa 14-2 1983
tie 6th John Gash, Santa Rosa 14-8 1984
7th Tim McDonald, St. Helena 13-6 1976
7th Kjell Akerstrom, Ukiah 15-2 1992
8th Rene Lorraine, Petaluma 14-8 1994

6:02 p.m. Girls 100 Hurdles
Maria Carrillo senior Habibah Sanusi had one of her best races ever last Saturday at 14.80 yet only earned a 17th seeding.
It’s been over 20 years since we’ve had someone in this race, that being Katie Schukle, Santa Rosa 1997 15.76.
The top seed is Jada Hicks, Upland 13.54.

Empire History
6th Sharon Polley, El Molino 14.55 LH 1988
8th Katie Schukle, Santa Rosa 14.81 1996

6:33 p.m. Girls 400m
Santa Rosa senior Kirsten Carter took 9th place in 2015 60.89 in this event.
Her 56.83 qualifier seeds her 16th this year. Her 54.24 PR could put her in the medal hunt.
The top seed is NCS record holder Tierra Robinson-Jones, Bishop O’Dowd 52.69.

Empire History
7th Rose Criss, Analy 56.94 1997
8th Wendi Simmons, Santa Rosa 57.15, trials 1986

8:20 p.m. Boys 300m Hurdles
Santa Rosa senior Brayden Glascock earn his trip with a 39.45 time that seeds him 20th.
Our last state meet competitor in this event was Alex Netherda, Maria Carrillo 13th 38.74 2014.
The top seed is Reyte Rash, Martin Luther King 37.50.

Empire History
7th Chris Barnsdale, Montgomery 38.05 1996
8th Jake Arnold, Maria Carrillo 39.21 2002

8:35 p.m. Girls 200m
Santa Rosa senior Kirsten Carter is the best we have ever had in this event.
She placed 8th last year in 24.95 and is seeded 5th off her 24.29 last Saturday.
The top seed is NCS record holder Tierra Robinson-Jones, Bishop O’Dowd 23.56.

Empire History
8th Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 24.95 +3.3 2017
a=8th Tamika Brown, Fort Bragg 24.88, trials 1993

8:50 p.m. Boys 200m
Maria Carrillo junior Severin Ramirez has the 21st seed at 22.18.
Last year Montgomery’s Jaymes Tischbern took 10th in 21.74.
The top seed is Quoi Ellis, Mt Carmel 21.19.

Empire History
1st Mel Gray, Montgomery 20.7y 1967
3rd James Burrell, Piner 21.45y 1977, w+4.8
4th John Towey, Napa 1941
4th Bobby Lavow, Vallejo 1950
5th Mel Gray, Montgomery 22.0y 1966

9:20 p.m. Girls 1600m Relay
The Santa Rosa team of Izel Zamora, Jacque Hale, Kirsten Carter and Caroline Duffy ran 3:55.67 last Saturday for the 17th seed.
It is our first girls team at state since the 2006 Carrillo team that set the Empire record in that race.
The top seed is Bonita 3:46.07.

Empire History
10th Maria Carrillo 3:54.82 2006

9:39 p.m. Boys 1600m Relay
Maria Carrillo team earned a trip to state with a 14th seed at 3:19.34.
More on this team in a separate story.
Last year the Maria Carrillo placed 6th in 3:17.65.
The top seed is Aliso Niguel 3:14.68.

Empire History
6th Maria Carrillo 3:17.65 2017
?th Santa Rosa 3:17.6 1970