The incredible women of the Viking Opener

If you look at the 14 fastest girls times ever at the Viking Opener you will find that they ended that season with eight State Championships, four runner up finishes and two 3rd place finishes. The other mark was Julia Stamps Freshman year were she almost for sure would have won state but missed the meet with an appendicitis.

Top Viking Opener times with post season places-grade level
10:40 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1996 Div. I 1st STATE-Senior
10:49 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1997 Div. I 1st STATE-Junior
10:51 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1994 Div. I 1st STATE, 1st Nationals-Sophomore
11:05 Sara Bei, Montgomery 1998 Div. III 1st STATE, 3rd Nationals-Sophomore
11:07 Julia Stamps, Rincon.Vly. J.H. 1993-Freshman
11:09 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2009 Div. II 1st STATE-Senior
11:15 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2007 Div. II 2nd STATE-Sophomore
11:17 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2008 Div. II 3rd STATE, 30th Nationals-Junior
11:20 Amber Trotter, Ukiah 2000 Div. I 2nd STATE, 7th Nationals-Junior
11:20 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2014 Div. V 1st STATE-Freshman
11:22 Julie Nacouzi, Montgomery 2009 Div. II 2nd STATE, 25th Nationals-Junior
11:24 Morgin Coonfield, McKinleyville 2015 Div. IV 2nd STATE-Senior
11:25 Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1997 Div. I 1st STATE, 24th Nationals-Junior
11:25 Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg 2018 Div. V 1st STATE-Senior

Other Viking Opener racers who took a top 3 spot at State that year

State Champions
11:38 Sara Bei, Montgomery 1997 Div. III 1st STATE, 10th Nationals-Freshman
11:46 Sarah Sumpter, Healdsburg 2007 Div. IV 1st STATE-Senior
Runners up
11:32 Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1998 Div. I 2nd STATE, 6th Nationals-Senior
11:38 Shannon Rowbury, Sacred Heart 2000 Div. III 2nd STATE-Junior
11:43 Morgin Coonfield, McKinleyville 2014 Div. IV 2nd STATE-Junior
11:32 Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 2000 Div. III 3rd STATE-Junior
11:37 Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 1999 Div. III 3rd STATE-Sophomore
11:48 Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg 2000 Div. IV 3rd STATE-Sophomore
11:53 Trina Cox, Santa Rosa 1996 Div. I 3rd STATE-Sophomore
11:59 Morgin Coonfield, McKinleyville 2013 Div. IV 3rd STATE-Sophomore
12:08 Britney Escamilla, El Molino 2006 Div. IV 3rd STATE-Senior

11:31 Julie Nacouzi, Montgomery 2010 3rd Nationals-Senior