Track and Field and Cross Country Rules Changes – 2016

3-10-7 New: Head event judges may use white and red flags to signal fair or foul for a field event trial.

Rationale: The use of flags will assist with efficient administration of the field events. Communication between officials, coaches and fans is enhanced by the visual signal, similar to the use of flags by umpires

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SITUATION 5: The event judge in the discus raises the white flag immediately after the implement lands in the throwing sector but does not wait to observe the direction of the competitor exiting the throwing circle, which in this case was out of the front half of the circle. RULING: Incorrect procedure. COMMENT: The flag is not raised or for verbal indications not called out until the judge is certain of the outcome of the actions of the competitor for the throw or jump and all requirements at the ring, arc or jumping area and sector are met. (3-10-7)

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Forces disassociated with competitor’s actions in high jump and pole vault – When a competitor has legally and is clearly over the crossbar and a force not associated with the competitor causes the crossbar to be displaced, it shall not be considered a foul. Examples of a disassociated force would include such situations as the wind blowing the crossbar off the pins or the pole contacting and rebounding off the plant box padding. It is NOT considered a disassociated force if the vaulter, for example, releases the pole and it falls into the crossbar without that cause being from wind or rebound. It is the responsibility of the competitor to have a clean jump or vault. In the case of vaulting, the competitor must have a clean release of the pole so that it does not fall into the crossbar.

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