Unequal sections in cross country

This is not new but is an interesting topic every year in cross country.
For post season competition, and competing for the state championship, schools are put into divisions by their schools enrollment numbers.
I think this makes sense to most people. In a team competition a school like Clear Lake with 397 students is in a different division than Santa Rosa with 1896 students.
Funny, or not so funny thing is, each of the states sections get to make up their own sizes for divisions.
For example here are the sizes for our NCS section compared to the more dominating Southern Section for the upcoming 2020 cross country season.

             NCS        Southern Section
Division I   2735-      2482-
Division II  1906-2734  2052-2480
Division III 1375-1905  1530-2051
Division IV   601-1374   601-1529
Division V      0- 600     0- 600

What this means is that schools the size of Maria Carrillo (1482), Rancho Cotate (1459) and Petaluma (1400) compete at state in division III but schools of the same size in the Southern Section get to compete in division IV.

Now you can be all mad at the Southern Section but you have to remember that the NCS decided our own division sizes.

Also interesting is that at last years division III state championships the NCS’ Campolindo (1376) and Maria Carrillo took 1st and 2nd at state ahead of all other schools. Agoura (1918) from the Southern Section was third.