Want a new way to help this site?

I recently had a $148.52 bill I had to pay to keep this site up and running.

Had an idea that some people might be interested in. Beside the usual way listed at Why support this site? another way to support this site and help offset the investment and the time I put into it, is gift cards.

Here are some places that a gift card from could help and would be wonderful compensation for my time and effort:
Quik Stop gasoline

I’m planning on setting up my tent at the Big Cat on Saturday, March 2nd, at Santa Rosa High School to photograph as much as I can while working on the results of that meet. Meet starts at 9am.
I spend countless hours on my laptop compiling local track but this is one of my few opportunities to actually get to be at a meet and I am really looking forward to it.
I would love for you to stop by to say Hi.

Big Cat me