What a photo

Thomas Benjamin has taken some great track photos before but this one says so many things.
Thomas has now delivered the entire battle over the last 100m here

What you see at first glance is the finish of the boys 800.
All three battling for the Viking Classic crown that Santa Rosa’s Luca Mazzanti was defending.
And it took everything he had to do it as the Petaluma High Dunbar twins of Jack, left, and Will, right nearly held him off.
Pretty rare to see a runner, Will in this case, with his front foot inches from the finish line ahead of the other runners feet and not win.
But the order of finish goes by the runners torso and as you can see Luca made a nice lean to get his toros across first and grab the win.
I’m told both Luca and Jack each went down at the finish diving for the line.

800m L-R Luca, Jack, Will