What happened to Rancho winners

Here is the list of the Rancho Cotate Invitationals winners since 2002 and how they finished that year.

2.97 mile course
15:07 Brian Schulz, El Molino 2016, TBA
15:18 Daniel Pride, Santa Rosa 2015, 42nd DI State, Runner of Year
15:34 Matt Salazar, Casa Grande 2014, 2nd DII NCS, Runner of Year
15:25 Matt Salazar, Casa Grande 2013, 26th DII State
15:14 Ryan Douglas, Petaluma 2012, 21st DIII State
15:48 Ryan Douglas, Petaluma 2011, 24th DIII NCS
15:11 Forrest Shaffer, Petaluma 2010, 10th DIII State
15:00 Hugh Dowdy, Petaluma 2009, 9th DIII State
15:11 Sterling Lockert, Petaluma 2008, 8th DIII State, Runner of Year
2007 no meet

2.75 mile course
14:01 Brian Cole, St Helena 2006, 2nd D IV State, Co-Runner of Year
14:21 Michael Brew, Maria Carrillo 2005, 58th DII State
14:54 Michael Brew, Maria Carrillo 2004, 92nd DIII State
14:26 Dawit Tesfasilassie, Piner 2003, 15th DIII NCS
14:44 Ruben Mora-Roman, Analy 2002, 28th DII State, Co-Runner of Year

2.97 mile course
18:30 Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg 2016, TBA
18:47 Adria Barich, Casa Grande 2015, 23rd DII State
17:31 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 2014, 1st DV State, Runner of Year
18:39 Saskia Van Ommerman-Egberts, Casa Grande 2013, 8th DII NCS
18:37 Ashley Moffett, Casa Grande 2012, 57th DIII State, Runner of Year
18:37 Ashley Moffett, Casa Grande 2011, 58th DII State
18:12 Lauren Kraus, Maria Carrillo 2010, 14th DIII State
17:03 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2009, 1st DII State, Runner of Year
17:47 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 2008, 3rd DII State, Runner of Year
2007 no meet

2.75 mile course
16:22 Jacque Talor, Casa Grande 2006, 5th DII State, Runner of Year
17:06 Kristen Sanzari, Maria Carrillo 2005, 84th DII State
17:15 Amy Robinson, Maria Carrillo 2004, 13th DIII State, Co-Runner of Year
15:24 Phyliss Blanchard, Rancho Cotate 2003, 4th DII State, Runner of Year
16:26 Amy Robinson, Maria Carrillo 2002, 21st DII State