What is a scrimmage meet

110H Definition of a Scrimmage/Jamboree

When two or more teams from different schools participate in a joint activity related to a given sport, this activity shall constitute either a game or a scrimmage/Jamboree and shall count against the maximum number of games or scrimmages allowed. NOTE: Scrimmages must be played prior to the first interscholastic contest (league or non-league) of the season.

An activity may only be defined as a scrimmage/Jamboree when items a) through g) are followed.

a) Each scrimmage/Jamboree must be controlled by the participating school’s coaching staff. Examples include: unlimited time periods, free substitution, coach may stop play and make individual instruction to players. Time periods, as specified by the appropriate rulebook, shall not be used.

b) No regulation score will be kept.

c) A scrimmage/Jamboree must be listed on both (all, if more than two schools are participating) schools’ season schedule and identified, in writing, as a scrimmage.

d) Both coaches must concur in writing, that the activity is a scrimmage/Jamboree (identifying the activity as a scrimmage/Jamboree on the school’s schedules shall satisfy this requirement). Under no circumstances will an activity that is conducted as a game be defined as a scrimmage/Jamboree.

e) If the scrimmage is played against a team that does not belong to the North Coast Section, the opposing school’s coach must be informed of the NCS definition of a scrimmage/Jamboree.

f) Game officials are optional.

g) Uniforms are optional.

h) Schools are allowed to conduct multiple school scrimmages in one time period and count the scrimmage as one scrimmage. (Ex. Four schools scrimmage in basketball. The four schools scrimmage each other following the definition of a scrimmage above. Each school benefits by scrimmaging three different opponents but counts the activity as one scrimmage.)

i) No score/results are released to the media.

PENALTY FOR VIOLATION: Activities between two schools, declared a scrimmage/Jamboree by one or both schools, but does not follow the definition of a scrimmage/Jamboree, will be declared a contest. Any school in violation of the maximum number of contests rule, Bylaw 101H, will be subject to penalties listed under Bylaw 102H.

(Board of Managers 10/21/05)

What this means
For our track area this means for a meet to not count towards your 14 allowed meets per year it must come before any other meets your school goes to, like the Big Cat.
No team scoring is kept.
Results are NOT reported to the media, which would include my site.
If you have any other questions your Athletic Director should be the one for you to go to.