Boys NBL Finals Preview

NBL Finals at Santa Rosa HS
May 10, Wednesday trials, Field Events 3pm, Running 4:45
May 12, Friday finals, Field Events 3pm, Running 5pm
Live results of the meets here

First what we know.

NBL Varsity Boys
7-0 Maria Carrillo
6-1 Casa Grande
5-2 Santa Rosa
4-3 Montgomery
3-4 Cardinal Newman
2-5 Windsor
1-6 Rancho Cotate
0-7 Ukiah

Maria Carrillo tri meet with Casa was Maria Carrillo 91, Casa Grande 59
Watch for Montgomery and Santa Rosa to battle Casa for 2nd.

Defending Champions
Maria Carrillo has won all the pennants since 2012
400m Isaiah Smith, Maria Carrillo 50.6
800m Zachary Esponda, Casa Grande 1:56.0
1600m Luca Mazzanti, Santa Rosa 4:29.3
3200m Scott Kruetzfeldt, Maria Carrillo 9:52.9
110HH Thomas Thomsen, Montgomery 15.1
400R Maria Carrillo 43.1
1600R Maria Carrillo 3:27.8
2016 results

Meet Records vs 2017 bests
I have bolded boys who can put the records in jeopardy

100 meters
10.65a Mel Gray, Montgomery 1967, 9.4 yards, trials, windy
10.94+ Bob Brown, Ukiah 1982, 10.7, Full 100m record
10.97 David Forman, Rancho Cotate 2012, FAT record
10.85 +2.2 Jaymes Tischbern, 11, Montgomery 4/22 Viking

10.97 +1.6 Hugh Pegan, Ukiah 2014, wind legal record
10.97 +0.2 Tommy Streb, Cardinal Newman 2015
11.14 -0.1 Jaymes Tischbern, 11, Montgomery 4/1 Stanford

200 meters
21.02a Mel Gray, Montgomery 1967, 20.8 yards, trials, windy
21.94 Antwon Chisholm, Santa Rosa 1997, Exact 200m record
22.41 +2.7 Jaymes Tischbern, 11, Montgomery 4/22 Viking 2016 22.17 +0.4

22.29 +1.2 Herbie Polk, Maria Carrillo 2013, wind legal record
23.06 -1.8 Jaymes Tischbern, 11, Montgomery, 2016 22.17 +0.4

400 meters
48.16a Joe DeDora, Santa Rosa 1971
49.16 Isaiah Smith, 12, Maria Carrillo 4/22 Viking

800 meters
1:51.89a Dan Aldridge, Petaluma 1975
1:57.94+ Luca Mazzanti, 12, Santa Rosa 4/22 Viking

1600 meters
4:15.84+ Steve Guerrini, Santa Rosa 1991
4:16.49 Luca Mazzanti, 12, Santa Rosa 4/22 Viking

3200 meters
9:12.92a Jon Sisler, Petaluma 1974
9:39.26 Luca Mazzanti, 12, Santa Rosa 4/7 Twilight

110m High Hurdles
14.24 Chucky Ryan, Elsie Allen 1998, trials
15.29 +1.1 Kyle Hauser, Santa Rosa 2010, wind legal record
15.32 -0.6 Thomas Thomsen, 12, Montgomery 3/11 WindsorR

300m Intermediate Hurdles
38.91 Jason Andrews, Rancho Cotate 1996
40.89 Cameron De Latorre, 11, Maria Carrillo 3/11 WindsorR

400m Relay
42.79a Vallejo 1970
43.05 Rancho Cotate 2012
43.03 Maria Carrillo 4/1 Stanford

1600m Relay
3:21.74+ Santa Rosa 1987 ( Shawn Hanna, Rob Moore, Sean O’Leary, Jeff Sorkness)
3:25.24+ Maria Carrillo 4/26 MC

High Jump
6-10 Jeff Poisson, Cardinal Newman 1996
6-4 Waisea Jikoiono, 11, Montgomery 3/11 WindsorR

Pole Vault
15-3 Matt Tillinghast, Montgomery 2003
13-10 Cooper Plattus, 10, Maria Carrillo 5/3 RC

Long Jump
24-7 Mel Gray, Montgomery 1967
21-5.75 Duilio Froes, 12, Casa Grande 4/7 Arcadia

Triple Jump
47-5 Rob McCorkel, Petaluma 1981
42-4.25 Duilio Froes, 12, Casa Grande 4/26 Mon

Shot Put
63-10½ Dennis DeSoto, Santa Rosa 1981
46-10 Ruben Mehler, 12, Windsor 4/22 Viking

175-0 Larry Plinski, Montgomery 1982
154-6 Ruben Mehler, 12, Windsor 4/22 Viking

Now for a little guess work.
As of May 8th entries have not been released so here is a little of what might happen.

Maria Carrillo looks very strong and is the heavy favorite but with other excellent teams right behind them it is not impossible for an upset.
Montgomery junior Jaymes Tischbern is looking like one of the best sprinters this area has had in a long time and could take down some of the non-Mel Gray records in the 100 and 200.
Maria Carrillo senior Isaiah Smith is the defending champ in the 400 and should be a run away winner in that event.
Santa Rosa senior Luca Mazzanti is the defending champ in the 1600 and also has the NBL’s leading times in both the 800 & 3200.
Not out of the question for him to try for a triple but more likely he would drop the 3200.
Even if he goes for all three he could have his hands full with Ukiah’s Robert Swoboda and Maria Carrillo’s Benjamin Lawson.
Montgomery’s Thomas Thomsen has had a slight edge over Maria Carrillo’s Zack Nelson but one miss step and Nelson could turn the tables.
Late in the meet will be the 300 hurdles which could be one of the most exciting to watch as the top six hurdlers in the area are all in the NBL.
Maria Carrillo has been the class of the Empire in the relays but if you are a relay fan you know anything can happen here.
Montgomery junior Waisea Jikoion has dominated the high jump so far and no reason to think he will falter here.
Maria Carrillo sophomore Cooper Plattus had a huge vault, 13-10, in May already and could become one of the All-Time greats.
Casa Grande senior Duilio Froes has taken his track speed this year onto the runways and will be difficult to beat in both horizontal jumps.
Windsor senior Ruben Mehler is one of the biggest favorites in the meet and should easily take both throwing events.
The top six in this meet move on and in some cases some very good 7th placers will see their seasons end.

As stated what I wrote above was written before I saw the entries.
A few adjustments now that I have seen them.
Mazzanti will not run the 3200, probably a very smart move, leaving Ukiah’s Robert Swoboda and Maria Carrillo’s Benjamin Lawson to battle it out plus dark horse in Santa Rosa’s comeback star Daniel Pride.
And the sad state of the pole vault has only five entries.