Girls NBL Finals Preview

NBL Finals at Santa Rosa HS
May 10, Wednesday trials, Field Events 3pm, Running 4:45
May 12, Friday finals, Field Events 3pm, Running 5pm
Live results of the meets here

First what we know.

NBL Varsity Girls
7-0 Maria Carrillo
6-1 Santa Rosa
5-2 Montgomery
4-3 Windsor
3-4 Casa Grande
2-5 Ukiah
1-6 Cardinal Newman
0-7 Rancho Cotate

Maria Carrillo dual meet with SR was Maria Carrillo 74, Santa Rosa 61

Defending Champions
The last five years Carrillo and Santa Rosa have flip flopped as 1-2 but it looks like Carrillo will make it two in a row this year.
100m Amani Baker, Maria Carrillo 12.2
200m Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 25.0, plus 2015 24.84 +0.3
400m Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 58.2, plus 2015 57.93
100HH Maddie Call, Windsor 15.6, plus 2015 15.57 +0.8
300LH Maddie Call, Windsor 47.5
400R Casa Grande 49.6
1600R Santa Rosa 4:02.9
PV Audrey Stalcup, Montgomery 9-0
LJ Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 17-5½
TJ Habibah Sanusi, Maria Carrillo 33-4½
DT Alexia Onate, Montgomery 99-1
2016 Results

Meet Records vs 2017 bests
I have bolded girls who can put the records in jeopardy

100 meters
12.19 Whitney Leachman, Elsie Allen 2004
12.02 +0.9 Kirsten Carter, 11, Santa Rosa 4/7 Twilight

200 meters
24.84 Kirsten Carter, Santa Rosa 2015 +0.3
24.94 +0.7 Kirsten Carter, 11, Santa Rosa 4/7 Twilight 2015 24.36 -1.0

400 meters
57.17 Jackie Chalmers, Montgomery 2013
59.03 Assata Polk, 11, Maria Carrillo 4/22 Viking

800 meters
2:14.51 Sadia Ibrahim, Santa Rosa 2013
2:22.65 Aimee Armstrong, 10, Maria Carrillo 4/22 Viking

1600 meters
4:50.10 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1997
5:07.35 Aimee Armstrong, 10, Maria Carrillo 4/7 Twilight

3200 meters
10:16.96 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
11:38.11 Sydnie Rivas, 11, Maria Carrillo 3/18 Dublin 2016 11:28.45

100m High Hurdles
14.83t Katie Schukle, Santa Rosa 1996
15.23 Habibah Sanusi, 11, Maria Carrillo 4/22 Viking

300m Low Hurdles
44.63 Kyra Johnson, Piner 2012
47.47 Habibah Sanusi, 11, Maria Carrillo 4/7 Twilight

400m Relay
49.50 Santa Rosa 2011
49.24 Maria Carrillo 4/1 Stanford Habibah Sanusi, Assata Polk, Olivia Nicholes, Amani Baker

1600m Relay
4:00.51 Montgomery 2005
4:03.14 Maria Carrillo 4/1 Stanford Rowe 60, Polk 58.8, Aanenson 62, Armstrong 62

High Jump
5-6 Deanne Neff, Montgomery 1978
5-6 Morgan Bertsch, Santa Rosa 2013
5-0 Maddie Call, 12, Windsor 3/11 WindsorR
5-0 Grace Alchemy, 10, Santa Rosa 4/19 SR

Pole Vault
11-6 Siobhan Anderson, Maria Carrillo 2012
10-1 Savannah Nied, 11, Maria Carrillo 5/3 RC

Long Jump
19-4¼ Amey Mitchell, Rancho Cotate 1990
18-2¼ Amani Baker, 12, Maria Carrillo 4/8 Arcadia

Triple Jump
36-9½ Wendi Simmons, Santa Rosa 1987
34-5 Anna Hartmann, 12, Cardinal Newman 3/18 Jam
34-5 Emma Orosz, 12, Montomery 4/22 Viking 2016 34-7.75

Shot Put
42-0¼ Coreen DeLosSantos, Ukiah 1993
34-11.5 Annalea Hanakaewe, 11, Casa Grande 3/15 CG

129-2 Kathleen Durand, Maria Carrillo 2013
116-11 Alexia Onate, 12, Montgomery 4/12 Win

Now for a little guess work.

Biggest question is what will Santa Rosa’s Kirsten Carter compete in.
Sure she is very likely the best sprinter this area has ever had but unless she has been working on the pole vault that is about the only event she couldn’t score points in.
Since Carter will be limited to four events Maria Carrillo should have no problem winning yet another pennant.
She has spent her top efforts this year on the 100, 200 and long jump, and more than likely she will enter those, but she has dropped the 100 in the past at the end of the year to move up to the 400 so only time will tell there. She makes any relay team she runs on so much better but she is also one of the top four throwers in the Empire and could pull in low energy expending points in either of those.
Or would she try and be the first girl in NBL history to pull off the 400, 100, 200 triple?
Only reason that would be tough is the fact that Maria Carrillo’s Amani Baker is a legitmate flyer in the 100 as well and after a 400 a Baker upset in the 100 would not be that much of an upset.
Plus these two are likely to match up in the long jump which has been a Carter strong hold but Baker is improving fast.
Maria Carrillo will pick up a lot of points in the distance races lead by Aimee Armstrong and Sydnie Rivas.
Windsor’s Maddie Call is the defending Champ in both hurdle races but Maria Carrillo’s Habibah Sanusi will try and take those away this year.
Like the boys Carrillo seems to have all the firepower in the relays.
Call and Santa Rosa’s Grace Alchemy are the only five foot high jumpers so far and could put on a nice battle there.
Not so funny things can happen in the vault but it’s looking like a close one between defending Champ Audrey Stalcup of Montgomery and Savannah Nied of Maria Carrillo.
Montomery’s Emma Orosz and Cardinal Newman’s Anna Hartmann have literally distanced themselves from the others in the triple jump.
Montomery’s Alexia Onate will try and defend her discus title but four others could be right on her heals.
Casa Grande’s Annalea Hanakaewe has had the big put of the year in the shot but will need her best to win.
Like the boys the top six in this meet move on and in some cases some very good 7th placers will see their seasons end.

As stated what I wrote above was written before I saw the entries.
A few adjustments now that I have seen them.
Carter is entered in the 100, 200, SP, DT.
Only change for her now is if they decide to drop one or two of the throws to run her on relay teams but I’m guessing she will not.
This also means the 400 should be an exciting battle between Maria Carrillo’s Assata Polk and Kiely Rowe.
The long jump is now Baker as the heavy favorite.
Call will not be in the high jump making it that much easier for Alchemy.