Sara Hall runs #6 American 1/2 marathon

Sara Hall writes 8/8/2020

Out on a bike path in the woods of Eugene, I ran my heart out to a new half marathon PR of 68:17 (#6 all-time 🇺🇸)‬

‪Unending gratitude to Eugene Marathon for inviting me out, thinking outside the box, & believing in me to do something worth putting on a race for 5 people.
This Covid period has been hard for all of us- athletes and race directors alike. Thankful that the team at Eugene marathon believe in getting creative and finding a way to create opportunities.
Also, my girls ran a casual low 6 minute pace

Sara’s old best
1:08:58 Sara “Bei” Hall, Team Hall (Montgomery ‘01) Houston Half Marathon 1/19/2020

1:08:17 Sara “Bei” Hall, Asics (Montgomery ‘01) Eugene Marathon 8/8/2020
1:09:44 Kim Conley (Montgomery ’04) USATF Half Marathon Championships 1/18/15
1:12:48 Alia Gray (Maria Carrillo ’07) Houston Marathon 1/17/16
1:16:40 Nicole Lane, SRA Elite (El Molino ’12) Carlsbad Half Marathon 1/19/2020
1:17:08 Julia “Stamps” Mallon, (Santa Rosa HS ‘96) AFC Half Marathon, San Diego 8/18/13

67:25 Molly Huddle (Saucony) 1/14/18
67:30 Emily Sisson (New Balance) 1/20/19
67:34 Deena Kastor (Asics) 4/02/06
67:55 Jordan Hasay (Nike Oregon Project) 4/01/17
68:05 Kara Goucher (Nike) 8/02/09
68:17 Sara Hall (Asics) 8/8/20