Something old becomes something new, 1977

Being out of work for over a month has given me lots of time to work on track.
While doing the history of events I am digging through tons of old stories and lists.
On my Track and Field Lists page I have had the prep bests lists going back to 2000.
Recently I stated adding old ones to the page.
I now have the girls back to 1976. But to do that I had to create one for 1977. There has never been a girls 1977 Prep Best list.
So for the first time here is the girls 1977 list.
I discovered while putting it together some marks that have never made All-Time lists and other places they should have been.
I also found that a mark that I mentioned in the History of girls Redwood Empire 1600m was a typo.
I had written

Cloverdale is not known for having great girls distance runners but they sure had one in 1977.
Stephanie Engen ran a 5:20.2 mile to crush the Empire Mile Record.
That time, over 40 years ago, will still usually make the top 5 of our yearly prep bests lists these days.

But checking the records for 1977 I found the time was really 5:50.2.
So that has now been fixed.