History of girls Redwood Empire 1600m

Updated 5/20/2020

The Redwood Empire has picked up 14 State meet medals in this event.
Our second best event behind the 3200 (17).

In 1975 Ukiah’s Jo Ellen Howard would establish the standard in the mile for the Redwood Empire winning the North Bay League title in 5:47.2.
Fast foward 20 years and we would have a girl running more than a full minute faster than that.

The mile, or as we now all it the 1600, is one of the showcase events in track and field.
It is also an event on the girls side that catapults the Redwood Empire among the elites of the U.S.
The North Coast Section Meet Of Champions is as good a meet as many high school state meets.
Our little corner of the world has had some amazing streaks at that meet.
The Redwood Empire had six straight years of MOC Champions (1997-2002), followed by five more straight years (2015-2019).
Only a world wide pandemic stopped the last streak.

But lets get back to how we got there.

Montgomery’s Dawn Gunter was the next NBL Champ in 1976 and lowered the Empire Mile Record down to 5:33.5, still a decent time.

Dawn Gunter winning the 1976 NBL Finals

Ukiah’s Dana Flint would lower the Empire and NBL meet record in 1978 to 5:31.3, and then the meet record to 5:13.0 in 1979.

Dana Flint

Her league rival was Petaluma’s Lori Shanoff who would break Empire record at 5:09.3 in 1979 and then drop it to 5:06.6 in 1980.
In 1979 Flint was a sophomore and Shanoff was a freshman. Shanoff’s time broke the Empire freshman record, equal to about 5:07.65 for a 1600.

California switched from yard races, mile, to metrics, 1600, in 1981. The SCL finals actual switched to metrics in 1980.

Shanoff won four NBL track titles, 1980 mile in 5:17.9 and all three distance races in 1981 (5:05.6, 2:20.1, 10:51.7), with all three 1981 wins breaking the meet records. The 1600 mark stood until 1995.
Shanoff mile in 1980 at 5:06.6 is equal to about 5:05.06 for 1600m.

Piner’s Laurie Hollingworth and Petaluma’s Lori Shanoff were fierce competitors but good friends off the track.

Meanwhile in the SCL Piner’s Laurie Hollingworth was matching or beating what the NBL girls were doing.
Piner high’s lowest grade level was sophomore at that time, so Hollingworth didn’t come on the prep scene until 1980 even though she was in the same grade level as Shanoff.

Hollingworth owned the SCL, winning all three distance races all three of her years. She broke six SCL records.

SCL Finals
1980 *5:14.0, *2:18.7, *11:46.7
1981  5:16.0,  2:20.6, *11:30.4
1982 *5:10.9, *2:16.8,  11:49.8
* New SCL meet record

Hollingworth found her greatest glory on the track, making the State finals all three years and medaling in both the 800 and the 1600.
In 1980, she was 6th in the 800m in 2:15.20; 1981 5th in the 1600m in 4:54.27, and in 1982 she was 7th in the 1600m in 4:55.65.
Hollingworth was the first in the Empire to break 5:00 with her of 4:54.27. That stood until 1995 as the Empire record.

The next outstanding distance runner on the track was Analy’s Sherri Minkler.
Minkler won the SCL 1600 in both 1984 and 1985, breaking Hollingworth’s meet record in 5:09.6.

Sherri Minkler

Santa Rosa’s Nika Horn was the shinning star of her period.
Nika Horn
Horn became our first NCS MOC 1600m champion taking the 1992 meet in 5:06.84.
The NBL track finals were all hers. All three years she would win both the 1600 and 800.
Horn had a prep best of 5:02.62 1991.
After high school her married name became Nika Bowen and later her daughters will continue the Empire story line.
But that is jumping ahead again.

Casa Grande’s Kerri Woolheater focused on the 800, were she would medal at state twice, but could hold her own at any distance including the 1600.

She won the SCL 1600 titles in 1990, 1991 and 1992.
In 1991 she showed her incredible range winning SCL titles in 1600, 800 and 200.
Her senior year, 1992, would not disappoint.
Her SCL finals dominated the meet with four wins 1600/5:11.4, 400/59.0 Meet Record, 800/2:21.7 and 200/26.0.

Then came the Jewel of the Redwoods


Even before she arrived at her first day in high school Julia Stamps was astonishing everyone with her running talent.
Here is an article about her in eighth grade when her times were already bordering on breaking the High School Empire records.
May 12th, 1993 Article: First-class Stamps
By the way in the upcoming meet mentioned in the article Stamps finished 3rd among the elite women and missed running faster than the Empire record at the time for 1500m by 0.11 seconds. Her junior year she would take a mind boggling 12 seconds off the Empire record in that event and that record has never been challenged.

Stamps freshman season, still at Rincon Valley Junior High, erased any doubts anyone might have had about her talent as she was being compared to the legendary of Mary Decker Slaney.
She destroyed all preps she ran against that year in cross country and only a appendicitis kept her from winning the state championship.
In track she would be allowed to run for RVJH in the high school post season meets.
In the 1600 she would take more than 13 seconds off the old Freshman record by Shanoff and miss breaking the Empire Prep record of Hollingworth’s by 0.15 seconds, running 4:54.42.

Julia and coach Aldridge at MOC

And she wasn’t even focused on that event that year as she won the State finals in the 3200 by 24 seconds.
She was voted the best 3000/3200 prep in the nation that year, the first frosh to ever get that honor.
See here

1994/1995 Stamps finally runs as a high schooler joining the Santa Rosa High squad.
In track she came into the season as the National cross country champion having won the Footlocker Nationals over the best in the US by 31 seconds.
She would again focus on the 3200, another state championship but she didn’t disappoint in the 1600’s she ran.
Before the regular season even started she took down the Empire Mile Record running 4:46.73 indoors = to 4:45.07 1600m.
That time was also a National indoor sophomore class record.
Stamps would break the NBL meet record in the 1600 all three of her years at SRHS winning her sophomore meet in 4:55.10.
After her state 3200 win she would win the Golden West Mile in 4:48.02.
Stamps’ 1995 track season was one that goes beyond words. See her mind blowing season here.
That season earned her ranking of number two in the country for mile and #1 again for 3200 and left her just two spots from being voted the best high school track athlete in the Nation. See all that here.

Her junior year, 1996 she would lower it to 4:54.24 than 4:50.10 in 1997. That time, in a league finals meet like the NBL, was one I thought would last forever. But as I said this area has an amazing mile history and you will have to read on to see what happened to that mark.
She would win the Golden West Mile in 4:47.97, destroying the field by 4.46 seconds.

Stamps senior year we finally got to see her fully go for it in the mile.
She would start off the season by winning the National Scholastic Indoor mile in 4:46.31 and finishing over 11 seconds ahead of 2nd place.
How about a mile double?
April was the Oakland Relays. Stamps first ran a meet record in the 1600 running 4:51.5.
She then anchorded her Distance Medley team to the fastest time in California that year with a 4:51.8 split.
(11:52.1 Santa Rosa 1997 Trina Cox 3:40.0, Katie Schukle 60.2, Melissa Guanella 2:20.1, Julia Stamps 4:51.8)
After winning the NBL finals she continued on that post season doubling in the 1600 and 3200 all the way through state.
Watch parts of her 1997 NCS Redwood 4:49.55 win
Her winning 1600 time at the North Coast Section Meet of Champions has to this day never been touched by anyone in the NCS, in any meet.
Her time of 4:42.79 is still one of the top 25 times ever run by a California girl and top 90 for the Nation.
At State she would again turn back all challengers winning the 1600 in 4:44.78 and doubling back to win the 3200 as well.
A week later she would win the Golden West meet in 4:46.23 for the fastest full mile in Empire history and leaving a good class of runners 11 seconds behind.
Here are Stamps major High school results

Julia Stamps Mallon: My Running

A runner like Stamps comes along once in a lifetime. Oh wait, Sara Bei arrived at Montgomery the next year.

Sara Bei at 2000 NCS MOC

Before I get into the storybook career of Sara Bei I want to share one of my favorite memories of her running.
It was April 5th 1998 and I was working with Sara’s older sister Amy in the pole vault. Larry Meredith was Sara’s coach.
We were at the Oakland Relays, freshman Sara had already won the the 1600 in a school record 5:00.9.
Now came the Distance Medley. I’ve seen hundreds of high school relay races were a prep overcame a team having a huge lead on them.
Never though have I seen one like the maturity Bei showed in this one. It was driving me crazy watching it.
This race had a lot of talent in it and Sara got the baton about 150 meters down.
Any other runner would have gone out hard to start chipping away at the huge lead they were trying to overcome.
I was already to see her start closing the gap but as the first lap went she wasn’t closing even a little.
Lap two went by and I don’t think she had made up a foot on the other runner.
Third lap she she closed the gap but was still so far behind I was bummed because I thought there was no way she could pull this off.
But this was just the first of many comebacks that the whole nation would witness over the next four years.
200 meters to go and she was turning on the speed but it still seemed to much distance to over come.
Just so you know the other girl was not having one of those track dying moments but was running well. But Sara just kept coming and coming and only past her in the very last stride. The Viking 12:26.0 time was another school record and second All-Time in the Empire at the time.
(Sarah Bashel 3:56.8, Devorah Harris 60.3, Diana Rancourt 2:23.0, Sara Bei 5:05.9)
I always loved the difference between Stamps and Bei. Stamps would put the pedal to the medal from the start of a race and dare the others to try and keep up with her. Bei ran with a confidence never seeming to worry if she was in last place early on believing she could find the strength to overcome.

Even as a freshman Bei would always at least double in every meet.
She would win both the 1600 and 3200 in all four of her NBL Finals years.
Her 1600 NBL wins were with times of 4:59.48, 4:56.08, 4:55.25, 4:52.22.
She would be just as victorious at the NCS Meet of Champions.
Again she would win both the 1600 and 3200 in all four of her NCS years.
Her final NCS race was her fastest prep 1600 ever at 4:46.17.

At state she picked up three first place medals and five runnerup.
Her freshman year she won both events in 4:49.21 and 10:31.06.
Watch the 1600 race
Her winning time of 4:49.21 would take down Stamps freshman record.

1999 State
Here is Doug Speck’s recap of that race.
Newcomer, Alejandra Barrientos, who had gone from about a 2:30 800m runner last year to a 4:47.94 1600m runner, and Sara Bei, double winner 1600-3200 1998. Barrientos and Stevens early pace-setting. 68.5- 2:24.4, with Spring Dawson prominent up near the front.
At the bell in 3:39.9 it was as you had written the script, with Bei and Barrientos side by side, stride for stride. Sara pushed it down the backstretch, but Alejandra moved ahead with 200 to go and edged away to a nation-leading 4:45.02 win, with Bei at 4:46.71 in second.

2000 State: The biggest surprise to me ever
At the end of 1999 Bei was the established new queen of the distances in the Redwood Empire.
Going into the new millennium we had Bei and Maria Carrillo’s Jenny Aldridge, who as a freshman had turned in the 5th fastest freshman 1600 ever at 5:09.52. Note: So good is the Empire that that no longer makes the freshman top 10 list.
All season both girls were having excellent years but Bei was always on top continuing to win the 1600 races all the way through MOC.
The 2000 MOC Final was an amazing show of Redwood Empire strength as we had the top two and four of the top eight.
2000 MOC Results
1st 4:49.09 Sara Bei, Montgomery, Bei’s time here was the 2nd fastest junior time ever then behind Stamps.
2nd 4:56.40 Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo
6th 5:07.74 Kelly Rogers, Healdsburg, Kelly, now coach Blanchard, time this year made her the 3rd Freshman All-Time and 12th Empire.
8th 5:13.3 Katie Pierce, Willits, time moved her into the All-Time top 25.

As far as depth goes this may have been the best ever, to this point, but since then we have had seven different years that have had five girls at 5:11.10 or faster.

It was now time to see if Bei could regain her state titles from 1998.
Coming into the meet San Lorenzo Valley’s Alejandra Barrientos had run 4:46.60 and beat Bei for the state title in 1999.
In the trials both Bei in one heat and Aldridge in the other made the finals. Barrientos however was a DNF.
With Barrientos gone Bei’s chances of repeating looked much better.
But probably to the unbelief of everyone, outside of the Aldridge family, Jenny came up with the race of her life and nipped Sara for the state title, 4:49.63 to 4:49.98.

Sara Bei 2001

In 2001 Bei would take 2nd at 4:47.96, while future husband Ryan Hall was winning the boys in 4:02.62. Bei would end her CIF career with a win in the 3200 and break the Stamps Empire record at the end of the meet in 10:11.11.

Now back to Aldridge who took over with Bei’s departure.

Jenny Aldridge

Aldridge would become our sixth straight NCS MOC 1600 champion in 2002 winning in 4:50.18.
The next week she would earn her second state meet 1600 medal with a 2nd in 4:55.94. Watch the race
That same year the Puma’s would add another freshman to break 5 as Amy Robinson clocked a 4:59.99 that year.
1. LeSieur, Robinson, Aldridge; 2. Conley, Robinson, Aldridge

Casa Grande’s Ashton LeSieur ran rapid in the Sonoma County League starting in 2002.

She would win the SCL 1600 title all four years and would take down Minklers 1985 Meet Record in 2002 with a 5:08.15

And now for this commercial break. Not really but lets take a moment to look at the REAL Mile Relays.
No not the usual four girls running a quarter of a mile each but each running a mile.
The first great team was the 1999 Santa Rosa Panthers.
They won the 1999 Mt. Sac Relays 4 X Mile Relay in 21:21.88.
That converts to the current 4 X 1600m Relay as a 21:14.45 time.
The team was made up of Lindsy Johnson 5:28.92, Katie Stafford 5:26.92, Jackie Prange 5:23.72 and Trina Cox 5:02.92.
That would last as the Empire record until the 2002 Maria Carrillo Puma’s would lower it with a second place finish at Arcadia 4 X 1600m in 21:03.06.
That team was made up of Ashlee Drady 5:19, Amy Robinson 5:09, Julianne Baker 5:31 and Jenny Aldridge 5:02.5.
The current Empire record is held by the 2007 Carrillo team that placed 4th at the Arcadia 4 X Mile in 21:09.49, converted to 21:02.13 for meteric distance.
I never have been able to find out who the members were but they had these girls available that year: Kristen Sanzari, Leanne Fogg, Cara Curtin, Alia Gray, Lauren Curtin, Kelly O’Leary.

And of course Jenny and dad hold the record for Father/Daughter 4:15.45 Dan, 4:49.63 Jenny = 9:05.08 Aldridge’s.

2003 was a fast year for the 1600. A faster top five than an other year and still 3rd fastest ever with five at 5:10.84 or faster
4:59.61 Kim Conley, 11, Montgomery, NBL Champion, NCS Redwood Champ, 3rd NCS
5:06.64+ Amy Robinson, 10, Maria Carrillo, 2nd NCS Redwood
5:09.04 Shelby Leland, 11, Ukiah, 3rd 3200 State Meet
5:10.41 Phyliss Blanchard, 11, Rancho Cotate, 4th 3200 State Meet
5:10.84+ Kim Handel, 12, Montgomery

Conley, Robinson, Leland, Blanchard, Handel

Conley would run 4:52.58 in 2004, again win NBL title, go on to make two US Olympic teams, yet in the Redwood Empire Prep world is only 8th on our All-Time 1600 list.

Maria Carrillo would rule the NBL 1600 for eight years.
Puma Kristen Sanzari won the title from 2005 5:03.11, 2006 5:08.19 to 2007 5:07.69.
Lauren Curtin would follow with 2008 5:04.85, 2009 5:16.99, to 2010 5:09.14.
Then Lauren Kraus 2011 5:18.24 and Andrea Natoli 2012 5:20.97

Sanzari, Curtin, Kraus, Natoli

Casa Grande’s Jacque Taylor took over as queen having a four year rein of the area.
Jacque Taylor

Jacque Taylor: Her talent belies her freshman status
Her freshman year she would take down the SCL meet record with a 5:05.9 in 2007 and lower it every year after.
(2008 5:01.8, 2009 5:01.6, 2010 5:01.11.) Her best freshman time came from a mile converted to 4:58.61.
Her sophomore year she would run 4:49.63 to take second at state and trial only Stamps and Bei on the All-Time list.
Taylor runs on cruise control
Home-stretch sprint lifts Taylor
In 2009 she would become our next MOC Champion at 4:50.56. Then take 4th at State in 4:50.70.
Taylor hopes to join elite company
Her senior year she would earn her third state meet 1600 medal with a 5th in 4:56.41. Watch the race
You can also watch Taylor winning her state trials heat.

That 2008 had the fastest top five ever and is still the 2nd fastest ever with five at 5:10.78 or faster
4:49.63 Jacque Taylor, 10, Casa Grande, SCL Champion, NCS Redwood Champ, 3rd NCS, 2nd State Meet
4:55.11 Lauren Curtin, 10, Maria Carrillo, NBL Champion, 2nd NCS Redwood, 2nd NCS
5:07.75 Isabel Andrade, 10, Petaluma
5:09.85 Celeste Berg, 11, Montgomery
5:10.78 Suzi Rozga, 10, Santa Rosa
Taylor, Curtin, Andrade, Berg, Rozga

Taylor, Curtin, Andrade, Berg, Rozga

2008 also had the best sister act we had ever had to that point with 4:55.11 Lauren, 5:14.53 Cara = 10:09.64 Curtin.

Santa Rosa’s Delaney White would rein in the NBL taking the titles in 2014 5:18.90, 2015 5:05.27, and 2016 5:05.7.

Delaney White by Thomas Benjamin

Nika Horn was our first NCS MOC champion. Her oldest entered High School in 2015.
That would be Rylee Bowen, who like Stamps came into high school scene with big time performances already in her scarp book.
She would be at Sonoma Academy. Coached by Danny Aldridge. The same as Stamps and his daughter Jenny.

Expectations were met quickly as Rylee won the Division V cross country championship.
But we are here to talk about the 1600.
No problem as Rylee would win the CMC Finals all four years crushing the meet record her first try, 5:01.70.

NCS MOC, no problem, as she won her first try crushing Bei’s freshman record with a mind blowing 4:43.92. Watch the race
Rylee Bowen 4:49.83 mile national leader
She followed that with two more wins over the next two years.
Rylee also earned two 4th place medals at State, 4:50.40 2016 and 4:53.92 2017.
Watch the 2017 state meet race here.
2017 had a special race at the CMC Finals that year. Rylee’s sister Kate was a freshman and really wanted to break 5 in the 1600.
So Rylee paced her along with Kate drafting behind. Rylee broke her own meet record of with a 4:58.13 and Kate bettered it as well getting her sub 5 with a 4:59.68. Kate’s PR also bumping her mom out of the All-Time top 20. Kate would transfer to Oregon the following year.

Rylee doing everything she can to help Kate break five minute barrier for the first time. By Thomas Benjamin

NCS All-Time
4:42.79 Julia Stamps (Santa Rosa) 1997

4:43.4+ Cheri Williams (Livermore) 1978

4:43.92 Rylee Bowen (Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa) 2015
4:43.96+ Brighie Leach (Campolindo, Moraga) 2015

4:45.11 Becky Spies (Livermore) 1991

4:45.35 Elissa Riedy (Mission San Jose, Fremont) 1995
4:45.4+ Jessica Spies (Livermore) 1982

4:46.17 Sara Bei (Montgomery, Santa Rosa) 2001

How about some more family records.
Sisters 4:43.92 Rylee, 4:59.68 Kate = 9:43.60 Bowen
Mother/Daughter 5:02.62 Nika, 4:43.92 Rylee = 9:46.54 Horn/Bowen

While the Bowen girls were getting most of the attention another star was working her way up in the Sonoma County League.
Healdsburg’s Gabrielle “Gabby” Peterson would take the league title in 2016 at 5:13.56 and run a good freshman best of 5:11.89 at MOC but here in the Redwood Empire that only gets you a second team All-Empire spot.

By Michael Lucid

But like all the greats this girl had the desire burning in her to run with the best.
As a sophomore she would repeat as SCL champ and make a huge 14 second improvement to 4:57.74, 7th Soph All-Time.
There was no plateauing for Gabby as a junior as she would first take down Jacque Taylor’s SCL meet record of 5:01.11 with a 4:57.46. 2018 SCL Finals
Then two weeks later deny Bowen her fourth MOC championship by blistering a 4:48.91. 2018 NCS MOC
Gabby Peterson will give her lone state race everything she’s got

2019 would make that season look weak doubling or tripling in almost ever meet.
Because of league reformations the 2019 league finals was a combined 12 school affair in the NBL meet.
As I mentioned before I thought Stamps’ meet record here would last forever but Gabby sent that one packing with a 4:49.34 win.
Now not to take anything away from Gabby but it sure didn’t hurt that in a lot of her races was one of our fastest girls ever.
I remember one of the first times I saw Analy’s Sierra Atkins leading a race ahead of Peterson. I assumed it was like so many other races I have watched were some foolish kid goes out ahead of an elite runner only to watch them fall WAY back by the end.
But that never happened with Atkins. Typically the last lap Peterson’s great strength would overcome Atkins but often not by much.
That NBL record of Gabby’s was one of those as Atkins pushed the pace and finished in 4:51.84 moving her to 7th All-Time. Watch the race
2019 NBL Finals
At MOC Gabby would put on a show in the pouring rain easily winning in 4:48.54 with Atkins earning a trip to state as well.
2019 NCS MOC

2019 State Meet
The Redwood Empire had a glorius end to the last State meet.
Gabby would pick up her first State Track Meet medal with a 6th in the 1600 at 4:51.86, with Atkins at 9th 4:58.28.
Gabby would do one better with a 5th place medal in the 3200 at 10:23.85 with sophomore Harper McClain of St Helena in 7th at 10:29.68.

Here is a photo by Michael Lucid of the two friendly rivals after the 1600.

In fact 2019 turned out to be the Best year ever, depth wise, with five at 5:10.63 or faster.
4:47.90 Gabrielle Peterson, 12, Healdsburg, NBL, NCS Redwood, NCS Champion, 6th State Meet
4:51.84 Sierra Atkins, 12, Analy, 2nd NCS Redwood, 3rd NCS
5:00.22 Aimee Armstrong, 12, Maria Carrillo
5:01.04 Harper McClain, 10, St Helena, CMC Champion
5:10.63 Jasmin Hirth, 11, Maria Carrillo
5:15.54+ Mary Deeik, 10, Vintage, VVAL Champion
5:15.62 Nicole Morris, 10, Maria Carrillo
NCS Redwood 1600 by Michael Lucid

I fully expected McClain to run sub 5 in her junior year, 2020, but the COVID pandemic ended that season before McClain got to step on the track.
Thankfully she will still have her senior year in 2021 to add more to the amazing story of Redwood Empire milers.

So strong is the Redwood Empire that it takes a 4:51.82 to break into the top 50 performances for this area.
Stamps was the most impressive with Bowen, Peterson and Bei together owning 45 of the 50 times.
1600m Top Performances
4:42.79-4:51.74+ Julia Stamps, (14) Santa Rosa
4:43.92-4:51.42 Rylee Bowen, (12) Sonoma Academy
4:47.90-4:51.82 Gabrielle Peterson, (10) Healdsburg
4:46.17-4:51.75 Sara Bei, (9) Montgomery
4:49.63-4:50.70 Jacque Taylor, (3) Casa Grande
4:49.63-4:50.18 Jenny Aldridge, (2) Maria Carrillo

Girls All-Time 1,600 meters
4:42.79 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa #1 1997
4:43.92 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy #1 2015
4:46.17 Sara Bei, Montgomery #1 2001
4:47.90 Gabriel Peterson, Healdsburg #1 2019
4:49.63 Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo #1 2000
4:49.63 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande #1 2008
4:51.84 Sierra Atkins, Analy #1 2019
4:52.58 Kim Conley, Montgomery #2 2004

1600m Top Performances
Top 50 Empire runners, Maria Carrillo 10
Class records
NBL “Oak” Champions
NBL “Redwood”/SCL Champions
VVAL Champions
CMC Champions
Best years for the event

Evolution of Redwood Empire 1600m Record
5:47.2 Jo Ellen Howard, Ukiah 1975
5:33.5 Dawn Gunter, Montgomery 1976
5:20.2 Stephanie Engen, Cloverdale 1977
5:09.3 Lori Shanoff, Petaluma 1979
5:06.6 Lori Shanoff, Petaluma 1980, = to 5:05.06 1600m

1600m 4:54.27 Laurie Hollingworth, Piner 1981

Mile 4:46.73i Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995, = to 4:45.07 1600m

1600m 4:42.79 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1997

State Meet Top Places
1st Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 4:44.78 1997
1st Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:49.21 1998
1st Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 4:49.63 2000
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:46.71 1999
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:49.98 2000
2nd Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:47.96 2001
2nd Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 4:55.94 2002
2nd Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 4:49.63 2008
4th Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 4:50.70 2009
4th Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4:50.40 2016
4th Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4:53.92 2017
5th Laurie Hollingworth, Piner 4:54.27 1981
5th Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 4:56.41 2010
6th Gabrielle Peterson, Healdsburg 4:51.86 2019
7th Laurie Hollingworth, Piner 4:55.65 1982

North Coast Section Meet of Champions
1992 Nika Horn, Santa Rosa 5:06.84
1997 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 4:42.79
1998 Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:52.10
1999 Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:55.58
2000 Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:44.09
2001 Sara Bei, Montgomery 4:46.17
2002 Jennie Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 4:50.18
2009 Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 4:50.56
2015 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4:43.92 1600
2016 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4:49.38 1600
2017 Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy 4:51.42
2018 Gabriel Peterson Healdsburg 4:48.91
2019 Gabriel Peterson Healdsburg 4:48.54

Adult Mile Bests
4:24.54i Kim Conley, New Balance (Montgomery ’04) at New Balance Games in New York 1/25/14
4:31.50i Sara Bei, Asics (Montgomery ‘01) at Millrose Games 1/29/10
4:38.39 Lauren Wallace, Oiselle (Ukiah ’08) Gent (BEL) 7/21/14, In high school ran 100 and 200.
4:44.45c Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa H.S. 5/31/97 4:42.79
4:45.58c Rylee Bowen, Sonoma Academy at 5/30/15 NCS MOC 4:43.92
4:49.58c Gabriel Peterson, Healdsburg 5/11/19 NCS Redwood 4:47.90
4:51.09c Jenny Aldridge, Maria Carrillo 6/3/00 4:49.63
4:51.09c Jacque Taylor, Casa Grande 5/31/08 4:49.63
4:51.21i Amber Peirsol, University of Vermont (Windsor ’12) at Scarlet and White Invitational in Boston.
4:53.55c Sierra Atkins, Analy 5/3/19 NBL Finals 4:51.84

4:54.98i Trina Cox, Abilene Christian (SRHS ’99, SRJC) at Fayetteville, AR 2/11/05
4:55.99c Laurie Hollingworth, Piner (SSU) 6/7/81 4:54.27
4:56.84c Lauren Curtin, Maria Carrillo 5/17/08 4:55.11
4:58.02c Isabel Andrade, Petaluma at MOC 5/30/09 4:56.29
4:59.87i Jacqui Wentz, MIT (Maria Carrillo ’06) at MIT vs. Coast Guard/Williams 2/6/10

c-converted from 1600m

By Jim Crowhurst

When I first ran this story Engen was listed as record holder with a 5:20.2 mile but after creating a 1977 Prep best list I found it was a typo and the time was only 5:50.2 mile
This was the original.
Cloverdale is not known for having great girls distance runners but they sure had one in 1977.
Stephanie Engen ran a 5:20.2 mile to crush the Empire Mile Record.
That time, over 40 years ago, will still usually make the top 5 of our yearly prep bests lists these days.

As good as Engen’s time was it would be left in the dust of the new crop of girls.