2003 Boys All-Redwood Empire Running Track & Field

Athlete of the Year

Matt Tillinghast, 11, Montgomery

Only NCS MOC Boys Champion, State Meet qualifier

Pole Vault 15-3, Six meets over 15-0
1st Empire 2003, 4th All-time
Junior, Sophomore & Freshman class record holder.

PV Championships won
NCS MOC, NCS Redwood, NBL, All-City, Oakland Relays, Stanford Inv., Cat

1st Team

Jacob Baguley, 12, Ukiah

Photo by Cameron Potter
TJ 43-9 1E; 8th MOC, 2nd Red, NBL, Lep, Chip
300H 39.63 1E 8A; 2nd Red, NBL, Chip, 110H 17.24+ Chip

Eric Gunnick, 11, Healdsburg
Discus 150-2 5E; 8th MOC, Red, SCL
Shot 51-2 E; Red, SCL

Richard Jones, 12, Rancho Cotate

Shot 51-0½ 2E; 8th MOC, 3rd Red, NBL, Vik

Regan Masi, 12, Montgomery

Photo by Cameron Potter
800 1:54.34 1E, 8A; 3rd MOC, NBL, Vik
400 50.7 2nd photo

Ruben Mora-Roman, 12, Analy

Photo by Cameron Potter
3200 9:26.70 1E, 17A; 6th MOC, 2nd Red, SCL, 5th Sac, 3rd Vik, 2nd Oak, Chip
1600 4:23.8 5E; SCL, 2nd Vik, Chip, 800 1:59.9

Dan Noel, 12, Casa Grande

Photo by Cameron Potter
300H 39.65 2E 12A; 8th MOC, Red, SCL, Vik, Lep
110H 16.04+ =5E; SCL
400 50.5 SCL

Hollywood Radford, 12, Santa Rosa

Photo by Cameron Potter
400 49.21 1E, 6A; 6th MOC, Red, NBL, All, Vik, Cat
200 22.59 2E; 3rd NBL, All, Vik
400R 42.84 3A 5th MOC, 1600R 3:25.06 8th MOC

Kyle Schmaus, 12, Santa Rosa

200 22.16 1E, 25A; 5th MOC, Red, NBL, 3rd Vik, Cat
100 11.14 =1E; 3rd Red, NBL, Cat, 400 51.8
400R 42.84 3A 5th MOC, 1600R 3:25.06 8th MOC

Mike Sullivan, 12, Casa Grande

PV 14-3 3E, 14A; 4th MOC, =3rd Red, SCL, 3rd Vik, Wild, Chip

Mike Tillinghast, 11, Montgomery

PV 15-0¾ 2E, 5A; 3rd MOC, 2nd Red, 2nd NBL, Vik, 3rd Oak

J.K. Withers, 11, Cardinal Newman

Photo by Cameron Potter
1600 4:20.99 1E, 23A; 2nd MOC, Red, NBL, Vik, Cat
3200 9:44.8 2E; All
800 1:56.8 3E; 3rd NBL, 2nd Vik, 3rd Oak, 400 51.9

2nd Team

Michael Caruso, 11, Santa Rosa

Photo by Cameron Potter
200 22.89 5E; 2nd NBL
100 11.37; 3rd NBL
400R 42.84 3A 5th MOC, 1600R 3:25.06 8th MOC

Cory Coles, 12, Maria Carrillo
110H 15.19 1E; 2nd Red, NBL, All, 2nd Vik, Chico, Lep, Cat
300H 42.1

Matt Fitch, 11, Montgomery

Photo by Cameron Potter
1600 4.21.68 2E 25A; 2nd Red, 2nd NBL
3200 9:47.90 3E; NBL, Vik, Cat

Mike Fye, 12, El Molino

Photo by Cameron Potter
PV 13-6 =4E; 7th MOC, =3rd Red, 2nd SCL

Michael Harris, 12, Montgomery
HJ 6-2 =2E; 8th MOC, 3rd Red, NBL
TJ 42-5 2E; 3rd Red, 3rd Vik
100 11.36; 2nd NBL
LJ 20-1½; 2nd NBL

Dane Krogstad, 12, El Molino

Photo by Cameron Potter
DT 173-9 1E, 6A; Sac 7th, 2nd Vik, 3rd Oak
SP 45-1¼; 3rd SCL

Matt McHugh, 11, El Molino

Photo by Cameron Potter
100 11.24 =3E; SCL
200 23.05; SCL

Lucas Meeker, 12, Cardinal Newman
DT 151-4 3E; 6th MOC, 2nd Red, 2nd NBL

Marshall Olin, 10, Santa Rosa
TJ 42-3 3E; 3rd NBL, All
LJ 19-11½; 3rd NBL
110H 15.7 4E, 300H 42.67
400R 42.84 3A 5th MOC

David Wellman, 11, Maria Carrillo
800 1:56.11 2E, 20A; 7th MOC, 3rd Red, 2nd NBL, All
300H 43.2

Honorable Mention

Lionel Aliomar, 11, Analy
TJ 41-11 4E; SCL, Cat
400 3rd SCL

Danny Arrow, 12, Montgomery
HJ 6-1 4E; All

Nick Barton, 12, Petaluma
PV 13-6 =4E; 8th MOC, 5th Red, 3rd SCL

Ned Chandler, 12, Ukiah

300H 40.71 3E; 2nd NBL
TJ 41-6 5E; 2nd NBL
HJ 6-0 =5E; Chip, 200 23.44+

Jacob Chavez, 11, Ukiah
SP 50-6 3E; 2nd Red, 2nd NBL

K.C. Cody, 11, Montgomery w/Correa,

Photo by Cameron Potter
1600 4:22.37 3E; 3rd Red, 3rd NBL, 3rd Vik
3200 9:53.8; 3rd NBL, 800 2:00.4

Kevin Cooper, 12, Clear Lake
DT 158-1 2E; CMC
SP 47-6; CMC, Lep

Ben Coulombe, 12, Maria Carrillo
LJ 21-3½ 1E; 2nd Red, NBL, Lep, Cat
100 11.47, 300H 42.6, HJ 5-11

Steve Daniels, 12, Fort Bragg
HJ 6-0 =5E; CMC

Ben Elias, 11, Montgomery
110H 15.35 3E; 3rd NBL
300H 41.03 4E; 3rd NBL

Chris Gardina, 12, Piner

Photo by Cameron Potter
3200 9:49.47 4E; 2nd NBL, 2nd Vik
1600 4:27.6

Matt Goines, 12, Willits
100 11.14+ =1E; Lep
200 22.84+ =3E; Lep

Ben Gordon, 11, Santa Rosa
PV 13-0; 3rd NBL

Sterling Guillory, 12, Santa Rosa
HJ 6-0 =5E; 7th MOC, 2nd NBL
110HH 16.54+, 300H 42.9

Dylan Hosey, 12, Petaluma
800 2:00.73; SCL, Cat
HJ 5-8 Photo by Cameron Potter

Ryan House, 11, Maria Carrillo
100 11.24+ =3E; All, 3rd Vik
200 22.84 =3E; 2nd Vik

Stephan Jahelka, 10, Fort Bragg
PV 11-0; 1A

Ted Jenkins, 12, Maria Carrillo
400 51.58 5E; 3rd Red, 2nd NBL
800 2:00.4

Anthony Jones, 12, Sonoma
LJ 20-10 3E; SCL, Chip
HJ 6-3 1E; 2nd SCL, Humb
TJ 41-6; 2nd SCL

Scott Lassey, 12, Willits
LJ 19-8; CMC

Sean London, 10, El Molino
LJ 20-5¼ 4E; 2nd SCL
TJ 3rd SCL, HJ 5-9

Andrew Miroglio, 11, St. Helena
TJ 39-1; CMC
HJ 5-8

Anthony Miroglio, 12, St. Helena
110H 16.94+; CMC

Nick Morilla, 12, Rancho Cotate
SP 47-9¼; 3rd NBL
DT 123-11

Joseph Noel, 11, Lower Lake
300H 43.2; CMC
110H 16.54+

Lance Prange, 10, Santa Rosa
HJ 6-2 =2E; 2nd Red, 3rd NBL, Cat

Garin Reighly, 10, Montgomery
DT 131-3; All
SP All

Lee Sandwina, 12, Maria Carrillo
110H 15.28 2E; 2nd NBL, 3rd Vik
PV 12-0

Jamie Shaw, 12, El Molino
110H 16.04+ =5E; 2nd SCL
300H 42.5; 2nd SCL

Anthony Shideler, 12, Maria Carrillo
DT 139-10; 3rd NBL

Cappy Sorentino, 11, Santa Rosa
300H 41.64+ 5E; All, Cat
400 51.77; 3rd NBL
1600R 3:25.06 8th MOC

Jason Tamagni, 11, Calistoga
100 CMC

Jonathan Teeter, 10, El Molino

Photo by Cameron Potter
3200 9:50.78 5E; 2nd SCL
1600 4:35.9; 2nd SCL

Dawitt Tesfasilassie, 10, Piner
1600 4:22.90 3E; All
800 1:59.94 5E, 3200 10:26.9

Tel Tipton, 12, Clear Lake
400 50.95 4E; CMC, Lep
800 2:02.05; CMC, Lep
200 CMC Photo by Cameron Potter

Quincy Vau, 11, Ukiah
DT 150-4 4E; 3rd Red, NBL, Chip
SP 43-5½

Nick Westfall, 12, Kelseyville
PV 12-0; CMC

Matt Williams, 10, Montgomery
LJ 21-3 2E; All
TJ 39-3¾

Gordon Wilson, 10, El Molino
HJ 6-0 =5E; SCL

Christian Yungert, 11, St. Vincent
1600 4:37.01; CMC, 3200 CMC


E – Stands for place in the top five of the 2003 Empire best
A – Stands forplace in the top twenty-five of the All-Time Empire best

No place before meet means won

State 6/6-7 State Championships at Cerritos College, Norwalk
MOC 5/30-31 NCS MOC, at U.C. Berkeley
Red 5/24 NCS Redwood Regional, at Del Norte HS, Crescent City
1A 5/24 NCS Class A, at Mendocino J.C.
NBL 5/17 North Bay League Finals, at Santa Rosa J.C.
SCL 5/17 Sonoma County League Finals, at Petaluma H.S.
CMC 5/17 Coastal Mountain Conference Finals, at Mendocino J.C.
Sac MOC 5/3 Sacramento Meet of Champions at Sac City College
All 5/ Santa Rosa All-City at Cardinal Newman
Vik 4/26 Viking Track Classic at Santa Rosa J.C.,
Woody 4/18 Woody Wilson Invit. at U.C. Davis
Arcadia 4/12 Arcadia Invit.
Oak 4/5 Oakland Relays, at U.C. Berkeley
Stanf 3/28-29 Stanford Invitional
Humb 3/21 Humboldt Invit. at Arcata
Lep 3/15 Leprechaun Classic at Mendocino J.C.
Chip 3/8 Chip Castleberry Invit. at Analy
Cat 3/1 Big Cat Invitational at SRJC

The Honorable Mention list is not like the first two teams. It is not a third team.
This is the group of athletes that were looked at to be considered for the first two teams.
The beginning criteria were kids who did one of the following things during the year.

Placed in the top 8 at the NCS MOC meet.
Placed in the top 3 at NCS Redwood meet or won at the NCS 1A.
Won at their league finals or placed in the top 3 if that competition was of a very high quality .
Won at an Invitational.
Had one of the top 5 marks in the Empire for 2003.

This brought the list to over 150 athletes.
The reason this is not a third team is that it is very possible for a large number of other
athletes to have had better seasons, overall, than some of the kids who are on the
Honorable Mention list that met one of these criteria, yet they are not on the list.

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