2016 Boys All-Empire Cross Country

Runner of the Year

Lucas Mazzanti
Senior, Santa Rosa
NBL Champion, 5th State II, 5th NCS II,
Viking senior Champ plus won one other meet

?Co-Runners of the Year
Brian Schulz
Senior, El Molino
SCL Champion, 3rd State V, 2nd NCS V,
Rancho Cotate Champ, 10th Stanford seeded plus won four other meets

Redwood Empire Running Editors Note
Lucas Mazzanti is well deserving of Runner of the Year. When I sent in the All-Empire picks I had Mazzanti and Brian Schulz as Co-Runners of the Year.
I was just informed today that PD wanted just one and someone at the PD chose Mazzanti over Schulz.
Besides the honors shown above the two raced each other three times. Schulz won the first by 10 seconds at the Rancho Cotate Invitaional. Mazzanti won the second by 2 seconds at the Viking Opener. Schultz won the third by 24 seconds at Stanford Invitational. In the final three races they ran in different divisions on the same course. Schultz was faster at the League Finals and NCS with Mazzanti faster at State.
Congratulations to both on outstanding seasons.

First Team

Ben Lawson
Junior, Maria Carrillo
2nd NBL, 17th NCS III,
56th State III

Wes Methum
Senior, Rincon Valley Christian
11th State V, 9th NCS V, 2nd CMC plus won two other meets

Robert Swoboda
Senior, Ukiah
3rd NBL, 11th NCS III,
57th State III, won Clam Beach & NBL #2 meet

Jonny Vargas
Junior, Piner
2nd SCL, 5th NCS IV, 26th State IV, Viking junior Champ
plus won four other meets

Andre Williams
Sophomore, Kelseyville
CMC Champion, 8th NCS V, 15th State V plus won six other meets

Second Team
Lucas Chung
Sophomore, Windsor
5th NBL, 23rd NCS III,
Viking Sophomore Champ

Paden Collard
Freshman, Cloverdale
13th NCS V, 4th CMC
plus won four other meets

Justin Cox
Sophomore, Sonoma Valley
4th SCL, 27th NCS III
plus won one other meet

Jack Dunbar
Junior, Petaluma
3rd SCL, 25th NCS III
plus won two other meets

Zachery Esponda
Senior, Casa Grande
7th NBL, 21st NCS III,
won NBL #1 meet
plus won two other meets

Joey Johnson
Senior, Sonoma Academy
7th NCS V, 35th State V, 5th CMC plus won one other meet

Kheva Mann
Junior, Sonoma Academy
3rd CMC, 10th NCS V, 27th State V plus won one other meet

Cooper Moore
Senior, Maria Carrillo
4th NBL, 12th NCS III,
64th State III

Coach of the Year
Kelly Blanchard, Healdsburg

Honorable Mention
Blake Civello
Senior, Maria Carrillo
6th NBL, 40th NCS III,
State participant

Dante Godinez
Sophomore, Healdsburg
6th SCL, 38th NCS IV
plus won one other meet

Langston Hay
Junior, Santa Rosa
8th NBL

Nathan Hayes
Sophomore, Piner
5th SCL, 20th NCS IV

Scott Kruetzfeldt
Junior, Maria Carrillo
24th NCS III, State participant

Zach Lindemann
Junior, Maria Carrillo
9th NBL, 32nd NCS III,
State participant

Brendan Loftus
Junior, Sonoma Academy
6th CMC, 12th NCS V, 58th State V

William McCloud
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
11th NBL, 35th NCS III,
State participant

Photos by Michael Lucid: www.lucid-motion-images.com