2016 Girls All-Empire Cross Country

Runner of the Year

Rylee Bowen
Junior, Sonoma Academy
CMC Champion, 6th State V, 2nd NCS V, Mariner & Lowell Champ plus six other meets


First Team

Aimee Armstrong
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
NBL Champion, 44th State III, 8th NCS III

Kate Bowen
Freshman, Sonoma Academy
8th State V, 5th NCS V, 2nd CMC

Kassia Chagnon
Senior, Piner
3rd SCL, 20th NCS IV

Talia Leano
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
3rd NBL, 10th NCS III, State participant, won NBL #2 meet

Gabrielle Peterson
Sophomore, Healdsburg
SCL Champion, 3rd NCS IV,
26th State IV, Rahm, Rancho Cotate & Fr/So Viking Champ
plus five other meets

Sydnie Rivas
Junior, Maria Carrillo
2nd NBL, 15th NCS III, 50th State III, won NBL #1 meet

Cynthia Rosales
Sophomore, Piner
2nd SCL, 5th NCS IV, 28th State IV plus won five other meets

Second Team

Jasmine Becker
Junior, Montgomery
6th NBL, 48th NCS III

Iris Berto
Junior, Technology
4th CMC, 9th NCS V, 20th State V

Kirsten Carter
Junior, Santa Rosa
5th NBL, 44th NCS II,
Sr/Jr Viking Champ

Sophie Hospodar
Senior, Petaluma
4th SCL, 40th NCS III

Amy Stanfield
Junior, Sonoma Valley
5th SCL, 37th NCS III
plus won one other meet

Siena Wigert
Junior, Casa Grande
4th NBL, 28th NCS III

Amelia Wirt
Senior, Fort Bragg
3rd CMC, 19th NCS V
plus won six other meets

Coach of the Year
John Litzenberg, Sonoma Valley

Honorable Mention
Emma Baswell
Freshman, Casa Grande
8th NBL, 36th NCS III

Kasey Braun
Junior, Cardinal Newman
11th NBL

Karen Buenrostro
Senior, Maria Carrillo
10th NBL, 41st NCS III,
State participant

Noel Clark
Senior, Cardinal Newman
14th NBL, 31st NCS IV

Meghan Field
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
7th NBL, 53rd NCS III,
State participant

Caramia Putman
Junior, Ukiah
9th NBL

McKenna Sell
Junior, Sonoma Academy
5th CMC, 37th NCS V,
State participant

Photos by Michael Lucid: www.lucid-motion-images.com