2019 Boys Top Cross Country Returners

2018 Boys All-Redwood Empire Running Cross Country Returners
Grade level listed was for the 2018/19 season

First Team

Pierce Kapustka by Michael Lucid Junior, Maria Carrillo
30th III State, 16th NCS,
14:58 3 miler at Woodbridge,
9:27.79 3200m at Hoka.
1600 4:18.73 3rd 2019, 31st All-Time
Colton Swinth
Maria Carrillo
23rd III State 15:53 5k, 4th NCS, 14:53 3 miler at Woodbridge.
1600 4:16.81 1st 2019, 18th All-Time, 7th Junior
800 1:58.87 6th 2019

Rory Smail
Junior, Maria Carrillo
13th III State 15:53 5k, 5th NCS,
2 other wins + 14:52 3 miler at Woodbridge, 9:27.46 3200m win at Hoka
3200 9:18.34 2nd 2019, 13th All-Time, 5th Junior
1600 4:21.69 4th 2019

Second Team

Paden Collard by Michael Lucid
Junior, Cloverdale
33rd V State, 6th V Stanford,
6 other wins.
Dylan Frye by Michael Lucid Junior, Vintage
State meet qualifier, 14th II NCS, 2nd in 2 of the VVAL center meets including 15:40 at Spring Lake.
Owen Hite by Michael Lucid Sophomore, Casa Grande
18th III NCS, 3rd in all 3 VVAL center meets including 15:53 at Spring Lake, 10th III Stanford.
3200 9:41.36 5th 2019
1600 4:22.96 6th 2019
William Hite by Michael Lucid Sophomore, Casa Grande
19th III NCS, 4th at last VVAL center meet including 16:00 at Spring Lake.
3200 9:45.40 7th 2019
1600 4:26.60 8th 2019
Jack Vanden Heuvel by Michael Lucid
Sophomore, Healdsburg 27th V State, 5th V Stanford
800 1:59.19 7th 2019, 9th Sophomore AT
1600 4:27.45 9th 2019

Third Team

Andrew Engel by Michael Lucid Junior, Santa Rosa 29th II NCS, won junior race at both Viking & Eye opener.
3200 9:49.05 9th 2019
1600 4:25.43 7th 2019
Elijah Ettedgui by Michael Lucid Junior, Maria Carrillo
State competitor
Andrew McKamey by Michael Lucid Sophomore, Santa Rosa
24th II NCS + one win.
Logan Moon by Michael Lucid Junior, Casa Grande
31st III NCS, 4th at Spring Lake VVAL center meet in 15:55.
800 1:54.70 1st 2019, 17th All-Time, 6th Junior
Simon Peterson by Michael Lucid Sophomore, was at Rincon Valley Christian now at Maria Carrillo 26th V State + one win.
Patrick Philip by Michael Lucid Junior, Maria Carrillo
State meet qualifier, 17th III NCS