2021 Boys All-Empire Cross Country

Runner of the Year

Jacob Donohue
Senior, Maria Carrillo
NBL Oak & Ed Sias Champion, 2nd NCS III, 36th State, plus two other wins

Photos by Michael Lucid

First Team

Tiernan Colby
Junior, Sonoma Academy
CMC Champion, 2nd NCS V, 35th State, plus one other win

Jude Devries
Junior, Montgomery
3rd NBL Oak, 7th NCS III, 56th State, Viking Jr Champion, plus four other wins
Sean Gubera
Junior, Maria Carrillo
7th NBL Oak, 57th State III, 21st NCS
Jared Hayes
Junior, Piner
5th NBL Oak, 22nd NCS IV, plus three other wins
Adam McCorquodale
Senior, Maria Carrillo
4th NBL Oak, 12th NCS III, 79th State
Oswald Rodriguez-Lopez
Senior, Maria Carrillo
6th NBL Oak, 43rd State III, 22nd NCS
Noe Vieyra
Senior, Maria Carrillo
2nd NBL Oak, 10th NCS III, 39th State, plus two other wins

Second Team

Eric Aguilar
Senior, Napa
VVAL Champion, 41st NCS II

Nathan Gibson
Junior, Ukiah
NBL Redwood Champion, 30th NCS III, plus five other wins
Alexis Lorenzana
Senior, Roseland University
15th NCS V, 6th CMC, plus six other wins
Kevin Manni
Senior, Windsor
9th NBL Oak, 25th NCS III
Ben Neargarder
Senior, West County
NBL Redwood 3rd, 36th NCS III, plus five other wins
Drake Newell
Senior, Petaluma
2nd VVAL, 39th NCS III, won 2 VVAL center meets
Athena Ryan
Sophomore, Sonoma Academy
4th CMC, 11th NCS V, 63rd State, Viking So Champion, plus three other wins
Dustin Smith
Senior, Windsor
8th NBL Oak, 27th NCS III, plus one other win
Coach of the Year
Jeff Franklin, Petaluma
VVAL Champions
By Paul Murphy Photography

Honorable Mention

Hector Alanis
Junior, Mendocino
3rd CMC, 21st NCS V, plus two other wins

Sebastian Bohn
Senior, Santa Rosa
11th NBL Oak, 44th NCS III
Daniel Bratton
Junior, Lower Lake
CMC 2nd, 48th NCS IV, plus four other wins
Drew Holloran
Senior, Vintage
3rd VVAL
Cleo McClain
Junior, St. Helena
5th CMC, plus six other wins
Dylan Mooney
Senior, Santa Rosa
12th NBL Oak, 24th NCS III
Gabe Sitton
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
NBL Oak JV Champion, 38th NCS III, State meet competitor
Andrew Stevens
Junior, Santa Rosa
10th NBL Oak, 40th NCS III
Joey Thompson
Senior, West County
NBL Redwood 2nd, plus one other win