2022 Returning Girls All-Empire Cross Country

Grades listed are for 2022 season.

Runner of the Year

Hanne Thomsen
Sophomore, Montgomery
Undefeated-State III, NCS, NBL Oak, Clovis, Portland, Lowell & Viking Opener F/S Champ, plus four other wins, Track 9:55.31, 4:43.63, 2:12.47
by Michael Lucid

First Team

Isabella Boardman
Sophomore, Windsor
21st III NCS, 6th NBL Oak, plus two other wins, Track 2:23.41, 5:23.13 by Michael Lucid

Hannah Garrity
Junior, Clear Lake
23rd State V, CMC & Yoshanny Champ, plus five other wins, 12:07.22 3200 2023
by Michael Lucid

Seelah Kittelstrom
Sophomore, Montgomery
16th State III, 5th NCS, 3rd NBL Oak, 2nd Viking Opener F/S, Track 10:51.54, 5:07.64
by Brian Tucker

Reilly Kreutz
Junior, Petaluma
89th State III, 16th NCS, VVAL Champ, 3 VVAL Center wins, 2nd Shor Invit., Track 5:14.48, 2:25.22 by Thomas Benjamin

Amrie Lacefield
Sophomore, Montgomery
42nd State III, 7th NCS, 2nd NBL Oak, 3rd Viking Opener F/S, Track 2:21.69, 5:08.42
by Brian Tucker

Gracie Trenam
Junior, Maria Carrillo
74th State III, 6th NCS, 4th NBL Oak, Twilight Champ 11:42.51, plus three other wins,
Track 5:08.87, 11:25.52
by Michael Lucid

Second Team

Emily Bendzick
Freshman, Casa Grande
36th NCS III, 3rd VVAL, 3rds in 2 VVAL Center meets & JV Center win, Track 2:31.36
by Thomas Benjamin

Avery Codington
Sophomore, Casa Grande
22nd NCS III, 2nd VVAL, 2nd in 3 VVAL Center meets,
Track 11:23.95, 5:18.24
by Thomas Benjamin

Kira Moe
Junior, Maria Carrillo
119th State III, 28th NCS, 8th NBL Oak, Track 11:59.93, 5:24.96 by Michael Lucid

Lea Smit
Junior, Justin-Siena
21st NCS IV, 4th VVAL,
Track 2:20.24
by Thomas Benjamin

Brooke Szczekocki
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
34th NCS III, 7th NBL Oak, State participant, by Brian Tucker

Honorable Mention

Kate Doherty
Sophomore, Petaluma
5th VVAL, 3rd VVAL Center #1,
by Thomas Benjamin

Isabelle Gross
Freshman, Maria Carrillo
44th NCS III, 9th NBL Oak, State participant, by Michael Lucid

Serena Karres
Freshman, Montgomery
47th NCS III, 22nd NBL Oak, State participant,
by Brian Tucker

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