2023 Boys All-Empire Cross Country

Runner of the Year

Jack Wilson
Junior, Maria Carrillo
NBL Oak & Rancho Champion, 61st III State, 36th NCS, 10th Clovis Med., plus two other wins

All photos by Michael Lucid

First Team

Kaeden Anderson
Junior, Healdsburg
61st V State, 5th NCS, 2nd NBL Redwood, plus four other wins

Johnny Ando
Senior, Santa Rosa
3rd NBL Oak, Eye Opener Sr Champ, 2nd Viking Sr, 52nd III NCS, plus two other wins

Trenton Dawson
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
2nd NBL Oak, 9th III NCS, State participant, 3rd Rancho

Cormac Gaylord
Junior, Analy
NBL Redwood Champ, 21st III NCS, 2nd Viking Jr, plus three other wins

Cameron Jones
Freshman, Maria Carrillo
6th NBL Oak, 19th III NCS, State participant

Dylan Mainaris
Junior, Casa Grande
VVAL Champ, 23rd III NCS, won all three VVAL center meets, 2nd Rancho, 3rd Viking Jr

Austin Petrik
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
4th NBL Oak, 30th III NCS, State participant

Quinlan Sauter
Junior, Santa Rosa
5th NBL Oak, 25th III NCS

Xavier Surgeon
Sophomore, Windsor
13th III NCS, 9th NBL Oak, State participant, Viking So Champ, plus one other win

Second Team

Adria Estrada
Senior, Cardinal Newman
3rd NBL Redwood, 20th V NCS, plus three other wins

Isaac Feleay
Senior, Santa Rosa
15th III NCS, 8th NBL Oak

Grayson Frye
Junior, Vintage
2nd VVAL, 48th II NCS, 2nd VVAL #3 center meet

Graham Gregory
Junior, Montgomery
10th NBL Oak, 43rd III NCS

Grant Methum
Sophomore, Grace Christian Academy
CMC Champ, 44th V NCS, 3rd Eye Opener So, plus four other wins

Oscar Ruiz
Junior, Ukiah
4th NBL Redwood, 42nd III NCS, plus one other win

Diego Sanchez
Junior, St. Helena
2nd CMC, 40th V NCS, plus five other wins

Grant Sanderson
Senior, Maria Carrillo
7th NBL Oak, 29th III NCS, State participant, plus one other win

Michael Spears
Junior, Santa Rosa
11th NBL Oak, 49th III NCS, plus one other win

Coach of the Year

Shari Costanzo
VVAL Champions

Honorable Mention

Valentin Arango
Junior, Vintage
4th VVAL, 3rd VVAL #1 center meet

Max Azevedo
Senior, Montgomery
13th NBL Oak, 45th III NCS, plus three other wins

Scott Boyadjieff
Sophomore, Maria Carrillo
24th III NCS, 12th NBL Oak, State participant

Teddy Eichner
Sophomore, Vintage
3rd VVAL

Jack Heffner
Junior, Vintage
5th VVAL

Jack Moore
Sophomore, Napa
6th VVAL, 3rd VVAL #3 center meet

Jack Rahn
Senior, Ukiah
5th NBL Redwood, plus two other wins

Ome Zuniga
Junior, Santa Rosa
46th III NCS, Viking Jr Champ, 2nd Jr Eye Opener

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