400 Record Updated

In my latest research I have found a change to the evolution of the boys 400 meter Redwood Empire record.
Until now it had been believed that before Rancho Cotate’s Corey Nelson broke the record at the 1995 NCS MOC, that Santa Rosa great Joe DeDora had lowered the Empire record of Napa’s Sherman Miller three times, once in 1970 and twice in 1971.
Turns out that only the last record from the 1971 state meet actually lowered the record because Miller had a better time than previously known.
Before my new findings I had down Miller holding the Empire record from 1950 at 48.1 for the 440 yard race.
Turned out he ran 48.0 on 6/4/49 at the Pacific AAU, =FAT 47.96 for 400 meters.
He then competed on 8/18/50 in an international meet at Vasteras, Sweden and ran the metric 400 in 47.3, =FAT 47.54.
This time broke the US Prep National 400m Record and was not broken until 1960. It is still the Napa HS record.

New evolution of record

440 yds
48.0 Sherman Miller, Napa 6/4/49 Pacific AAU, =FAT 47.96 400 meters

400 meters
47.3 Sherman Miller, Napa 8/18/50 Vasteras, Sweden, =FAT 47.54 400 meters, National 400m Record, lasted until 1960

440 yds
47.3 Joe DeDora, Santa Rosa 6/5/71 State finals = to 47.27 400 meters

400 meters
46.89 Corey Nelson, Rancho Cotate 5/27/95 MOC finals