An amazing group of Junior Highers

While working on a Julia Stamps story I came across a Junior High meet she was in that had so many future superstars it was amazing.
Here are the results listed for that day and what became of these kids in high school.

Junior High Meet May 12, 1994 at Fremont

Shot Put
1st 49-0½ Brian Chase, Rincon Valley JH
Chase would throw 53-9¾ that year which is still the Redwood Empire freshman record.
Both Chase and Stamps would make it to state as freshman.
He would go on to have what is still today the number two mark ever at 61-8, for Cardinal Newman’s school record in 1996.
He earned two state meet medals 1995 3rd 60-3½ and 1996 4th 60-9½.

1st 139-0 Brian Chase, Rincon Valley JH
Chase set the still standing Cardinal Newman record in 1997 at 175-4, 5th All-Time.
He won both the 1996 (167-1) and 1997 (167-6) NCS MOC meet.

2nd 135-2 Seth Barrett, Santa Rosa JH
Barrett did throw 154-7 for Santa Rosa High but his real claim to fame came in the High Jump.
He would clear 6-8 to win the 1997 NCS MOC HJ were he is =12 All-Time in the Empire.

100 Hurdles
1st 17.0 Katie Schukle, Rincon Valley JH
Schukle would run 16.81 that year for what would be the Empire freshman record at the time.
She went on to run 14.57 in 1996 which is still the Santa Rosa High school record and held the Empire record with that mark until it was broken in 2018, still 2nd All-Time.
She would place in the top 8 at state three times with one medal.
1995 8th 44.88 300m LH, 1996 4th 43.40 and 8th 14.81 100m HH.

1st 13.3 Katie Schukle, Rincon Valley JH
Schukle ran the open 100 pretty well also running 12.56 in 1996, =35th All-Time.

High Jump
1st 4-4 Melissa Guanella, Santa Rosa JH
Guanella was the 1996 NCS MOC champion at 5-4 for Santa Rosa High.
She cleared 5-5 in 1997 which stood as the school record until 2013.
Currently =10 All-Time in Empire.

1st 28.7 Melissa Guanella, Santa Rosa JH
She was a good sprinter as well, 25.56 in 1997, 19th All-Time.

1st 64.1 Melissa Guanella, Santa Rosa JH
As well as the full lap 58.72 1996 33rd All-Time.

1st 5:09.1 Julia Stamps, Rincon Valley JH
In her lesser event, ha ha, she would break the Empire freshman record that year in 4:54.42.
She would go on to run the still standing Empire record at 4:42.79 for Santa Rosa High and win state that same year, 1997, in 4:44.78.

1st 10:50.4 Julia Stamps, Rincon Valley JH
She was voted the best 3000/3200 prep in the nation that year, the first frosh to ever get that honor.
See here
She won state three time including that freshman year 1994 (10:26.51), 1995 (10:15.27) and 1997 (10:15.17).
With a best of 10:12.20 in 1996.

Not bad for a single junior high meet.

They didn’t compete in that meet but there were two other amazing freshman that same year.
HJ 5-4¼ Jessica Wright, Rancho Cotate 1994
LJ 17-3¾ Juanita Allison, Upper Lake 1994