Big Meet Wednesday

Wednesday’s meet at Spring Lake promises to be the first of a number of big match-ups between Maria Carrillo’s and Montgomery’s girls going head to head.
Both are undefeated in league, along with Santa Rosa, and this will be the first step towards earning the NBL pennant.
The Vikings have one of the best top three in the state but the Puma’s have much more depth. The Vikings are currently ranked 4th in the state in division III.
In this dual meet the current edge goes to Montgomery. In a dual meet if you can take the top three spots you will win the meet even if you other runners all finish last. So for the Puma’s to win this meet they need someone to finish ahead of one of the Vikings top three.
Now when they get to the league finals on November 3rd the odds may go to Carrillo as their top five are all strong runners so the Vikings will need their number 4&5 runners to place high enough to overcome the Puma’s depth.

The same three teams are undefeated in the boys so the following week at Spring Lake between Carrillo and Santa Rosa will be the meet to watch.