Boys 3200 Shone in 2021

With a shorten season and no championships this years overall marks were of course down from what we are use to.
Don’t tell that to the boys who were racing in the 3200 this year.
As it turned out four Empire boys all turned in super fast times at the Dublin Distance Fiesta in 2021.

9:19.89 Jacob Donohue, 11, Maria Carrillo, NBL leader
9:20.17 Nolan Hosbein, 12, Casa Grande, VVAL leader
9:25.83 Jack Vanden Heuvel, 12, Healdsburg
9:32.44 Noe Vieyra, 11, Maria Carrillo

Only a hand full of years can compare with what these boys did this year.
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Jacob Donohue, Nolan Hosbein, Jack Vanden Heuvel, Noe Vieyra