Cross Country notes and the fire

I will be adding to this from top with new info

Reported at 11:30am 10/14

Saw your post go up today and just wanted to let you know Fleet Feet is accepting donations for running shoes, running clothes, sports bras and running socks. All donations are being distributed to fire victims. We are also offering discounts to all fire victims. Please let any xc & track athletes know to stop in and pick up things they might need.
Three of my Montgomery xc and three Montgomery track athletes have lost their homes, and four RVC track athletes have lost their homes.
I can also confirm with what Greg was saying that Montecito Health Club has been kind enough to offer space for xc athletes and I just started our first practice back there yesterday. You can see on video attached here, the kids really made my day. We will likely move to Fusion Fitness next week due to the fact it has a larger facility, and it is unclear when regular practices will resume. I did hear NCS and NBL will be having a conference call today, so maybe we will know more after that.

Reported at 10:30am 10/14
In Petaluma City Sports has been letting CG athletes and others use the facilities. Athletes need a parent to come in and sign waiver.
Santa Rosa HS has 7 athletes who have lost homes

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I would guess half the XC teams in Empire have been directly effected by the fires. I myself just returned to my home that the firefighters stopped the fire 2 miles from my place.
Carrillo coach Greg Fogg has some helpful ideas below for runners. There are so many needs out there but if I can help communicate those about XC teams and how we can help each other let me know and now that I am back in my house I will get the word out.

OCT 21, 2017, Saturday
Yoshaany Rahm Invitational Ukiah HS
ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE COMMUNITY RUN AND KIDS RUN WILL BE 100% going to FIRE RELIEF here in Mendocino…. We will also be accepting any gift cards or monetary donations to be dispersed locally.

From Greg
Hi Jim,

FYI: 4 athletes and 2 coaches (my self included) from MCHS lost their houses with the recent fires.

…Also, I’ve confirmed with the following gyms, High School XC athletes can have access to their facilities temporarily as the local Air QualityI is sure to be high over the subsequent few days, prohibiting running here in SoCo. …If any high school competitive athlete is interested in using the gym’s facilities, just explain at the front desk that you’re a High School Cross Country team athlete, show your ID and I’m sure they’ll be happy to cooperate.

-Montecito Health Club
-I’ll keep researching others today, but some are not open yet and have conditions with any cardio workouts, the gym needs to have a specific filtering system that maintains good air quality…

…Also, just FYI: Heart & Sole has been collecting shoes and gear for any runners that have been affected by the fire, here’s the latest Facebook post: