DeSoto’s NCS best beaten

Amador Valley’s Nathan Esparza took down Santa Rosa High’s Dennis DeSoto 35 year old NCS mark at the Dan Gabor Sprint & Distance Festival.
DeSoto’s NCS MOC meet record is 63-5.75.
Gabor results

65-03.50 Nathan Esparza (Amador Valley) 2016

63-10.50 Dennis DeSoto (Santa Rosa) 1981
63-09.50 Conrad Jepson (Washington, Fremont) 1976
63-00.50 Rolin Luka (Ygnacio Valley, Concord) 1968
62-11.00 Chris Krychev (Monte Vista, Danville) 2007
62-06.00 Sam Cavallaro (James Logan, Union City) 1987
62-02.25 Jim O’Brien (De Anza, Richmond) 1962
62-01.00 Ralph Fruguglietti (Albany) 1973
61-08.00 *Brian Chase (Cardinal Newman, Santa Rosa) 1996
61-07.75 Paul Rosati (Acalanes, Lafayette) 1981

Dennis DeSoto, Santa Rosa
Has held the Empire and held the NCS shot record at 63-10½ for 35 years.
2nd State SP 63-6¾ 1981
4th State SP 59-2¾ 1980
Only Empire shot put thrower to place in top two since 1940.
NCS Champion SP 63-5¾ 1981, still NCS meet record.
NCS Champion SP 58-10 1980.
Five throws at 63-2 or farther.
Still holds NBL Finals record at 63-10½ 1981 after breaking it in 1980 at 60-1.
Empires best combo thrower 63-10½ 178-7.

Threw 16# shot 62-1¾ for San Jose State at Stanford Invitational on 3/29/86
Threw 2k discus 160-7 for SRJC in 1982.

Scottish Games Association Records
Dennis DeSoto set an amateur record in 1991 with a throw of 58′ 2.5″ in the open stone, with a stone weighing 17 lbs.
John Davis threw a lighter, 16lb stone 60′ 3 1/2″ in 2002. Since no heavier stone has been thrown as far or further, Davis’ throw is an absolute record for a 16lb stone. However, since no stone heavier than 17lbs has ever been thrown as far or farther than DeSoto’s throw, his record remains intact as an absolute record for a 17lb stone.

Other NCS MOC Meet records still held by Empire athletes
High Jump Gabe Manville, Santa Rosa H.S. 7’0” 1989
400 Meter Dash Corey Nelson, Rancho Cotate 46.89 1995
High Jump Mindi Wiley, Sonoma Valley 5’11” 2005 & Maggie VanZeeland, Acalanes 1981
1600 Meter Run Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa H.S. 4:42.79 1997