Dublin Distance Fiesta Day 1

Mar 18, 2022
Montgomery freshman Seelah Kittelstrom had the fastest time of the 119 finishers in the girls 3200 at the day 1 portion of the Dublin Distance Fiesta.

Seelah Kittelstrom from Big Cat by Michael Lucid

3200 Meter Run Varsity
4th Max Azevedo, Montgomery 10:49.06
28th Lucas Morthole, Montgomery 11:10.98
40th Kapil Dave, Maria Carrillo 11:21.13
49th Gavin Newton, Maria Carrillo 11:24.53
59th Ruben Cano, Piner 11:32.20
96th Ryan Comella, Casa Grande 12:08.99
98th Derek Sadorra, Piner 12:13.02
106th Bodhi Finnerty, Montgomery 12:25.42

3200 Meter Run Varsity
1st Seelah Kittelstrom, Montgomery 11:45.47
13th Brooke Szczekocki, Maria Carrillo 12:21.76
17th Katherine Choe, Maria Carrillo 12:26.03
38th Carley Schubert, Maria Carrillo 12:48.45
46th Carmen Jimenez, Maria Carrillo 12:53.79
53rd Kristianna Johnson, Piner 12:58.10
84th Aliyah Donohue, Maria Carrillo 13:39.54
86th Sydney Stroud, Montgomery 13:41.38