Fast teams as well

Wednesday Spring Lake meet had some great individual times but a few team times need to be mentioned as well.

By Michael Lucid

The Puma boys had their top two runners holding way back to run with and encourage other teammates. Even with that they ran a team time of 79:55 for the 13th best team ever. Only four other schools have ever had teams run faster, (Petaluma 4 teams, Piner 2, Santa Rosa 1 and Montgomery 1).
Carrillo coach Greg Fogg had told me that before this year he thought the Piner record of 76:59 might not be broken for many years but now he thinks this years team has a shot at it.
The Panther boys also produced one of the All-Time great races as they cracked the top 50 list.

1st    76:59   ’11 Piner #1          averaged 15:24  11/4/11
(Luis Luna 14:43, Jaime Silva 15:13, Efren Reyes 15:27, Jason Saler 15:48, Epi Nunez 15:48)

13th  79:55   ’19 Maria Carrillo #5  averaged 15:59  10/16/19
Patrick Phillip	15:55, Noe Vieyra 15:55, Simon Peterson 15:59, Colton Swinth 16:03, Rory Smail 16:03)

46th  81:50   '19 Santa Rosa #9      averaged 16:22  10/16/19
(Andrew McKamey 15:33, Andrew Engel 16:10, Steven Grams 16:30, Dylan Phillips 16:47, Kyle Fleischer 16:50)

Complete list

By Michael Lucid

The Puma Girls fared pretty well also moving onto the All-Time top 35 list.
Only four other schools have ever had teams run faster, (Montgomery 8 teams, Santa Rosa 5, Casa Grande 4, Ukiah 1).

34th 97:02 ’19 Maria Carrillo #16 19:24 10/16/19
(Nicole Morris 19:09, Ashley Busienei 19:10, Rebekah Taylor 19:14, Avery Hedde 19:44, Payton McGarva 19:45)

Maria Carrillo has an unbelievable amount of depth to their teams.
Even with some of their top runners taking it easy or not running at all they still came away with these numbers.
Varsity Boys 5 of top 6, 11/21.
Varsity Girls 7 of top 9, 9/14.
JV Boys 8/8, 12/19.
JV Girls 7/9, 14/24.
There non-senior boys ran 82:33.

Odd ball facts from the meet.
Piner’s top runner in 3 of the 4 races all placed 10th while Ukiah’s all placed 25th.

By Thomas Benjamin

The VVAL has now had their second center meet with similar results to both.
The Casa Grande boys, ranked 3rd in NCS Division III are stronger than the rest of the VVAL combined.
Casa won the two races with 19 and 22 points.
At yesterdays meet it was Nolan Hosbein leading the Gaucho’s with the individual win.
By Thomas Benjamin

The Vintage girls may be an overlooked squad this year with no Division II rankings despite they won both the races with 20 and 19 points.
Again stronger than the rest of the VVAL combined, only Casa Grande’s Emma Baswell was able to break into their top 6.
Mary Deeik, who missed the first meet, was the winner here 32 seconds ahead of Baswell.

In the CMC 4 way meet hosted by St Helena their star runner Harper McClain again out ran everyone (17:32) other than teammate Jordan Rielly who won the boys race in 16:59.