From Michael Lucid, please read

I wanted to take the opportunity of my last post for this season to thank all of you who have
visited my Flickr pages and viewed my photos. Knowing that the images I make are being
viewed and, I hope, enjoyed brings great satisfaction to me.
I also want to thank Jim Crowhurst and Redwood Empire Running for featuring my photos and
sharing the links to my Flickr Albums. Anytime Jim’s shares a link, the views of my Flickr pages
increase greatly. I am guessing many of you found out about my photos through Jim. I owe Jim
a debt of gratitude.
Finally, I am currently saving up to purchase my first professional camera body. Over the last 15
years, I’ve periodically upgraded equipment. This would be the biggest upgrade. I do some paid
photography work and, many of you have gone to my website and donated to me. I’ve saved
almost $3,000 towards the planned purchase. I need another $2,500 to fund this upgrade. So, if
you’ve ever thought about making a donation, this would be a great time.
Regardless, I’ll keep posting photos to Flickr making them available for free and, hope to
continue what has been a fulfilling collaboration with Jim.
Michael Lucid

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