Gavin Doig back on track

Gavin Doig (Cardinal Newman Grad ’23) is now running at Pomona-Pitzer in the SCIAC Conference. Unfortunately, he missed most of his senior year of high school with a hamstring injury. Gavin is having a very nice freshman year while attending Pomona College in Claremont.

In the SCIAC Championships last weekend, he ran a wind-legal 10.81 +0.1 in the 100m and he ran a wind-legal 21.76 +0.2 in the 200m. He also ran leg two of the 4x100m relay and the team set a new school record of 40.87 while winning the SCIAC relay title and qualifying for the national championships.
Sagehens Stride to Second Place Finish at SCIAC Track and Field Championships

39.84 Herbie Polk, Arizona State (Maria Carrillo ’13) 3/18/17
40.87 Gavin Doig, Pomona-Pitzer (Cardinal Newman ’23) SCIAC T&F Championships 4/27/24
40.97 SRJC 1979 Humphrey Garrett-Jim Flores-Ricky Jackson-Chris Whitlock
41.17 Ryan Searl, UC Santa Barbara (St. Helena ’20) Big West Championships 5/15/2022
41.21 Occidental 2017 Hugh Pegan (Ukiah ’14) a member
41.27 SRJC 1984 Tony Mial-Sutton Hanzalik-Carl Laren-Gerald Boles
41.34 SRJC 1980 Allan Kuhn-Jim Flores-Ricky Jackson-Chris Whitlock
41.34 SRJC 2024 Cibrian-Gomez, Dierke, Gilbert, Love

From 2023 All-Empire List
Gavin Doig , 12, Cardinal Newman

From 2022

1st Big Cat 11.38
2nd SR Twilight 11.09 0.6
11.01 +1.1 4th ’23, 18th Legal All-Time
1st SR Twilight 22.31 +0.0
22.31 +0.0 =3rd ’23, =30th FAT, =22nd Legal