Girls 1978-1994 All-Empire First Team

Here is a story I did for the Empire Runners Club back in 1994.
Ran without photos back then.

Lori Shanoff

Laurie Hollingworth, correct spelling

Julie Ruiz

Kathy Dalton

Jenny Dempsey

Nika Horn

Julia Stamps

Added info
Stanford was always a big meet for this group and we were very successful there.

Redwood Empire Stanford Champions during those years
Lori Shanoff, PETALUMA 1980 ?div. Results
Laurie Hollingworth, PINER 1981 Class B Results, Piner went 1-2: 2nd Cathy Dubay(1450 students or less)
Julie Ruiz, URSULINE 1983 Class B Results
Sherri Minkler, ANALY 1984 Class B Results, Sonoma County went 1-3: Minkler, Ursuline’s Julie Ruiz, Sonoma’s Kathy Dalton.
Julia Stamps, RINCON VALLEY JH 1993 Division I Results
Julia Stamps, SANTA ROSA 1994 Division I Results
Julia Stamps, SANTA ROSA 1995 ?div. 17:19 Course Record
Julia Stamps, SANTA ROSA 1996 Division I 17:27 Results