Healdsburg is hosting a 2 mile time trial on Friday, 11/3

Healdsburg High School is going to be hosting a 2 mile time trial on Friday, 11/3.

First race: 5:00pm at Healdsburg High School

Duration of races will be every 15 min, races will be from 5:00-7:00pm

Races: We are hosting up to 160 kids

-Note: Right now, we have MCHS (50) + Sonoma Academy (25) + Healdsburg (20) + Cloverdale (15) = 110, so we have room for ~50 more, unless we want to expand the timeframe for this meet

Timing: Hand timed – we will consolidate all results in a simple spreadsheet for results

Seeding: Requesting rosters NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, 10/31 by 12:00pm with full roster and seeded 2 mile times. We would like to seed this meet for the heats in advance.

Max Limit on Seed Times: no times slower than 14:00 (boys) and 16:00 (Girls)

Fees: No charge for teams = just get some fast times in!

Please contact Greg Fogg for seeding & sending rosters. (greg.fogg@comcast.net)

This will be a great tune up for the “March to State post season!”