History of boys Redwood Empire Triple Jump

The boys triple jump became a CIF event in 1971.
Santa Rosa’s Jim Brown got the event off to a strong start for the Redwood Empire that year with four jumps over 45-6¼ including an NBL meet record of 46-5½ and a season best of 47-4¼, a mark that has only been beaten on nine occasions by three athletes since.

Marvin Colter
The 1977 season (5) and 1978 (17) would produce nearly half 22 of the 48 of longest jumps ever.
Leading those seasons was Piner’s Marvin Colter with 15 meets over 45-7½ and seven of the eight farthest ever, including an Empire record jump of 48-7 that has only been better once by a half inch. To this day he still has seven of the ten best jumps ever. He still holds the SCL meet record at 47-0 from 1978, was the NCS MOC champion that year at 47-2, our only MOC TJ champion to date, and placed 5th at the state meet at 48-4½. He is still the only Empire triple jumper to ever place in the top 8 at state.

Ray Marchbanks
Colter was not unpressed during those years as Santa Rosa’s Ray Marchbanks, competing in the NBL, has the third most jumps over 45-6 to this day with six past 46 feet and a best of 47-9.
1978 also produced a third great jumper dominating the CMC in Cloverdale’s Allen Kuhn who had a best of 46-11½, 14th performance and fifth performer All-Time.


Rob McCorkel
In 1981 it was all Petaluma as Rob McCorkel, three jumps over 46 feet including what is still the Empire record of 48-7½. Teammate Jeff Johnson is tied for fourth for the most jumps over 45-6 with four and a best of 46-3.
Jeff Johnson

McCorkel’s senior year, 1982, he produced four more jumps making the list giving him the second highest total at seven over 45-6.
The only other jumper to have more than two jumps in the top 50 is Piner’s Aaron Braxton who also had three over 45-6 with a best of 46-0.
Aaron Braxton

Since then only two Rancho Cotate jumpers have had a single jump over 46 feet (Jermaine Brown 46-1 1988 and Maurice White 46-0¼ 2001).
Maurice White

In the last 17 years only three jumps have cracked into the top 50.
45-8 Brycen Poarch, Casa Grande 5/19/12 +2.1

Brycen Poarch

45-7 Kaleb Trembly, Petaluma 6/5/09 +1.9

Kaleb Trembly

45-6¼ Zuhuri Manley, Clear Lake 5/24/13

Zuhuri Manley