I’m kinds glad this wasn’t around when I was competing because I’m sure I would have done it.
I use to love to do all the Track & Field events. Decathlon was my next favorite thing after pole vaulting.

It’s called Icosathlon.
Sounds like it has been around for a while but I’m just hearing about it.

It includes 20 events over two days as shown below.

Day 1
100 metres
Long jump
200 metres hurdles
Shot put
5000 metres
pause of 1 hour
800 metres
High jump
400 metres
Hammer throw
3000 metres steeplechase

Day 2
110 metres hurdles
Discus throw
200 metres
Pole vault
3000 metres
pause of 1 hour
400 metres hurdles
Javelin throw
1500 metres
Triple jump
10000 metres