Incredible 5,000 meter times

Some incredible 5,000 meter times were run November 6 at Healdsburg High School.
With official races being shut down in California distance runners are keeping sharp by competing on club teams in time trials.
None shined brighter than St Helena’s Harper McClain who ran the sixth fastest track 5k (16:49) in the Golden State history.
Like the home run lists it’s marked with an * because of its exhibition style race and that it was run with boys in the race at well.
Still it was an amazing performance.
McClain’s time is also the second fastest Empire time ever behind Santa Rosa’s Julia Stamps who ran a 16:31.2 in 1995, which at the time was a State record and a National sophomore record.
On the boy’s side, four boys, who will be competing for Maria Carrillo or Healdsburg when CIF races open up, ran times that would put them on the Redwood Empires All-Time Top 10 list.
The top two, Noe Vieyra (15:32) and Jacob Donohue (15:41) ran times only surpassed by Jordan Kinley of Maria Carrillo from 2002 who ran 15:24.6. The next fastest was by Santa Rosa’s Reesey Byers who ran 15:44.2 in 2009.

Here is a look at the list updates.
California State bests
Girls 5000m
15:52.88 -Caitlin Chock (Granite Bay-SJ) 2004 IAAF World Junior Championships
15:56.84 -Fiona O’Keeffe (Davis-SJ) 2016 USATF Junior Nationals
16:31.2 **Julia Stamps (Santa Rosa-NC) 1995 Pat Ryan Invitational
16:45.60 -Clara Horowitz (Head Royce School, Oakland-NC) 2002
16:45.87 ***Sarah Baxter (Simi Valley-SS) 2011 Portland Track Festival
16:49.5 -Rebecca Chamberlain (Leigh, San Jose-CC) 1986
16:50.05 -Tori Tyler (Gunn, Palo Alto-CC) 2005 USATF Junior Nationals
16:51.64 -Lindsay Flacks (Harvard-Westlake, North Hollywood-SS) 2004 Mt. SAC Relays
16:51.71 -Jessie Peterson (Carlmont, Belmont-CC) 2011 Mt. SAC Relays
16:51.97 **Alma Escobar (Corona-SS) 2004 Mt. SAC Relays
16:54.4 -Denise Ball (Newbury Park-SS) 1982

Also: Mixed-gender race
16:48.2. -Harper McClain (St. Helena-NC) 2020 Covid-19 exhibition

Senior all-time state best: 15:52.88 Caitlin Chock (Granite Bay-SJ) 2004
Junior all-time state best: 16:46.06 Julia Stamps (Santa Rosa-NC) 1996
Sophomore all-time state best: 16:31.2 Julia Stamps (Santa Rosa-NC) 1995
Freshman all-time state best: 16:45.87 Sarah Baxter (Simi Valley-SS) 2011 Portland Track Festival

Redwood Empire Bests
Boys 5000m
15:24.6 Jordan Kinley, Maria Carrillo 2002
15:44.2 Reesey Byers, Santa Rosa 2009, 6/14 SRHS
15:46.1 Greg Archuleta, Santa Rosa 1986
15:55.0 Paul Cummings, Montgomery 1986
16:08.9 Alex Wolf-Root, Maria Carrillo 2005, 6/29 SRHS
16:09.2 John Helms, Clear Lake 1981
16:19.3 Caleb Skandera, Covenant Christian 1989
16:24.2 Mike Sutton, Ukiah 1981

Additional marks that were made in time trials
15:32 Noe Vieyra, Maria Carrillo 2020
15:41 Jacob Donohue, Maria Carrillo 2020
16:08 Jack Vanden Heuval, Healdsburg 2020
16:14 Oswaldo Rodriquez, Maria Carrillo 2020

Redwood Empire Bests
Girls 5000m
16:31.2 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995, Former #4 Nation, #1 CA, #1 Nat. So.
18:26.7 Megan Reeder, Santa Rosa 1991
19:25.4 Suzie Rozga, Santa Rosa 2009
19:45.5 Eva Stuart, Santa Rosa 2009
19:58.9 Kendra Johnson, El Molino 1993
20:02.03i Jordan Davis, Maria Carrillo 2007
20:06.7 Kim Handel, Montgomery 2002
20:23.07i Kelly O’Leary, Maria Carrillo 2007
20:56.0 Lisa Gay, Montgomery 1992 NCTE
21:23.3 Wendy Beardall, Santa Rosa 1991

Additional marks that were made in time trials
16:49 Harper McClain, St. Helena 2020