Interesting Fact About Boys 1600

Of the ten fastest 1600’s ever run by boys in the Redwood Empire only one of those races came in a CIF post season meet.

4:09.91 Mike Perez, Lower Lake 4/22/06 Top 8, Empire Record
4:10.76* Luis Luna, Piner 5/19/12 Mile Festival
4:10.94+ J.K. Withers, Cardinal Newman 3/13/04 Piedmont, Former Empire Record
4:11.69* J.K. Withers, Cardinal Newman 4:13.15y 4/24/04 Centennial (Ore.) Invitational
4:11.74 Brian Cole, St. Helena 6/2/07 State
4:11.83 Reesey Byers, Santa Rosa 4/24/10 Viking Classic
4:12.07* Mike Perez, Lower Lake 4:13.3y 3/25/06 St. Francis
4:12.17 Luis Luna, Piner 4/28/12 Viking Classic
4:12.32* Brian Cole, St. Helena 4:13.79y 4/7/07 Arcadia
4:13.00* Mike Perez, Lower Lake 4:14.47y 4/8/06 Arcadia